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trump reincarnation

Reincarnation Cases of Nero | Donald Trump, Claudia Octavia | Ivana Trump and Julia Drusilla | Melania Trump, with a Past Life of Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump as the reincarnation of Roman Emperor Nero. Ivana and Melania Trump as past life family members.


Reincarnation Case of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen-From the Holocaust a Child Finds her Past Life Home

From the Holocaust, a child prodigy finds her way home. Barbro Karlen as the reincarnation of Anne Frank.

Eli Lasch Portrait Reincarnation Case Evidence

Reincarnation Case of an Israeli Child who Recalled Being Killed with an Axe & Identifies his Past Life Murderer, Who Confesses

A Druse Boy is born with a past life birthmark, remembers being killed by an ax blow to the head. Investigated by Eli Lasch, MD, a prominent physician in Israel this case was judged anecdotal due to lack of evidential details.

gordon-keene-reincarnation-past-life-semkiw-portrait with helmet large image

Past Life Story of John B. Gordon | Jeff Keene: Spirit Being, Spiritual or Soul Guidance in a Reincarnation Case & How Evidence of Reincarnation can bring Peace

The reincarnation case of John B. Gordon | Jeffrey Keene demonstrates how evidence of reincarnation can help create a more peaceful world. Confederate officer John B. Gordon reincarnates as a Northern Connecticut Yankee, showing how souls can change cultural affiliation and incarnate as a past life enemy. This reincarnation case demonstrates the futility and wastefulness of war.


The Reincarnation Case of a Nazi Bomber Pilot | Carl Edon

A Christian Father’s investigation into his son’s reincarnation stories of being a Nazi pilot in the Second World War named Robert. Carl Edon the reincarnation has very typical German features vastly in contrast to his whole family, Robert was a German and Carl Edon was British.

Evidence and Proof of Reincarnation

Childhood Past Life Memory Reincarnation Story of Hanan Monsour | Suzanne Ghanem

Ian Stevenson, MD studied Suzanne Ghanem, who had validated spontaneous past life memories of being Hanan Monsour, as a child in the 1960’s. Dr. Stevenson revisited Suzanne in 1998. He found that Suzanne, now a full grown adult, has the same facial features as her past life persona, Hanan Monsour.

Robert Snow past life regression reincarnatoin case

Past Life Regression Story of Carroll Beckwith | Robert Snow

A regression of a retired Captain to prove the veracity of memories. The journey into the past is documented in a book, Looking for Carroll Beckwith, a totally honest, humorous and candid recollection of his regression journey.

Reincarnation Birthmarks & Past Life Scars Provide Evidence of Reincarnation

Reincarnation Case of Suresh Verma | Titu Singh & Video

A child reincarnation story case of Dr. Ian Stevenson MD. with reincarnation birthmarks and physical resemblance. This is the story of the child Sureh Verma who reincarnated as Titu Singh who has the birthmark on the spot of his past life’s injury which had cut short his young life.

Principles of Reincarnation

Childhood Past Life Memory Reincarnation Story of Rashid Khaddege | Daniel Jurdi

Ian Stevenson, MD studied Daniel Jurdi, who had validated spontaneous past life memories of being Rashid Khaddage, as a child in the 1970’s. Dr. Stevenson revisited Daniel in 1998. He found that Daniel, now a full grown adult, has the same facial features as his past life persona, Rashid Khaddege.

3 Ian Stevenson Twin Reincarnation Case Study

Ian Stevenson, MD Twin Study-Soul Plans & Past Life Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation

The twin study published by Ian Stevenson, MD provides evidence that souls plan lifetimes to be reunited with loved ones.

Reincarnation Japanese Soldier, Gender Identity Issues, P 38

Japanese Soldier Reincarnates as a Woman and Becomes a Lesbian, Understanding Homosexuality & Gender Identity Issues through Reincarnation; Sasha Fleishman

The retention of the mindset of the gender of a prior incarnation is demonstrated in this childhood memory reincarnation case researched by Ian Stevenson, MD. A WW II Japanese soldier in occupied Burma was killed in a strafing run and reincarnated as a Burmese woman, showing how a persecutor can return to life as the persecuted, demonstrating the futility of war.


Past Life Story with Split Incarnation, Suicide, Karma & Past Life Ability: Reincarnation Case of Helmut Kohler | Ruprecht Schultz

Helmut died November 23, 1887, Ruprecht was born October 19, 1887, five weeks before Helmut’s death. Many believe that the soul is involved with the development of the fetus from the time of conception, if this is true this reincarnation case demonstrates evidence of split incarnation or parallel lives.


Reincarnation Stories of Paul Gauguin | Peter Teekamp and Mette Gauguin | Michelle Moshay

This reincarnation case shows how artistic talent and even specific compostions can be carried over from one lifetime to another. Past life resemblance and a relationship renewed through reincarnation is also observed.


Child Reincarnation Stories of Daw Aye Phyu | Ma Nyunt Nyunt San and Daw Sapai | Ma San San Nyunt:

The story of two Burmese sisters Phyu and Saipai who reincarnated as twin sisters San and Nyunt. A proof of reincarnation emphasized by the exceptionally significant physical resemblance of the persons in both lifetime.

Charles Parkhurst | Penney Peirce reincarnation case

Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives: The Reincarnation Cases of Charles Parkhurst | Alice Cary | Penney Peirce: Spiritual Communication in Past Life Cases

Through series of three lifetimes as Penney Peirce, Charles Parkhurst and Alice Cary, similarities in physical appearance, writing talent, interests and passions are observed. Change in gender and the phenonmenon of split incarnation or parallel lives are evident, as Penney’s past lives as Alice Cary and Charles Parkhursrt overlapped by 29 years, showing how a soul can animate more that one physical body at a time.


Ghost or Spirit Photographs & Reincarnation: The Soul Provides a Template that Influences Physical Appearance

A Minnesota State Trooper took photos at a fatal accident scene which unexpectedly showed an image of a ghost rising above the scene with a very animated facial expression, which could not have been maintained in death. The spirit facial image is the same as the facial features of the deceased boy. This observation supports that there is an energy template that is a basis for physical appearance in reincarnation cases.

ReincarnationResearchMartinLuther's portrait

Xenoglossy-Unlearned Language: Past Life Story of Gretchen Gottlieb | Dolores Jay

Past Life Personality: Who was Gretchen? Carroll Jay was a Methodist Christian minister who started to practice hypnosis in 1954. His wife, Dolores, was having back pain and on May 10, 1970, Carroll conducted a hypnosis session with the aim of relieving his wife’s pain. When, in hypnosis, Dolores, speaks in German, and later revealed she was Gretchen in her past life resulting to an investigation of a Xenoglossy reincarnation case.


Past Life Dreams & Memories-ET or Spirit Being Contact: The Reincarnation Story of Belle Starr | Karen Pigott

Karen Pigott has a recurring childhood Past Life Dream. She discovered the truth behind her dreams with the help of a mechanical sounding entity telling her enough information about her dreams bridging it to her present day’s reality.

reincarnation sri lankan rebels

Sri Lankan Rebels who Reincarnated as Twin Girls

A.K. Nandadasa Johnny was born in 1945 in Unawatuna, a coastal town in the district of Galle, at the southern tip of Sri Lanka.


Reincarnation Case of Pablo Picasso | Alexandra Nechita: Past Life Patterns & Innate Talent

The reincarnation case of Pablo Picasso is so self-apparent, that it almost solved itself. Let us briefly review the histories of Pablo Picasso and Alexander Nechita here where every detail is discussed.

instrumental transcommunication

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), Raudive Voices, Reincarnation, Levels of the Spirit World: An Understanding of Heaven and Hell. The Value and Purpose of Religion

Instumental transcommunication involves communication between spirit beings and human begins via devices such as telephones and televisions. Such communications have given insight into levels of the spiritual world corresponding to concepts such as heaven and hell. Religions have served a great purpose in providing moral guidelines to help individuals ascend to higher spiritual levels. Evidence of reincarnation shows that souls can change religion from one lifetime to another, which will help eliminate the divide between people of differing beliefs and help create a more peaceful world.

Parallel Lives or Split Reincarnation

Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives-Introduction

Evidence that a soul can animate more than one body at a time. The symbol for split incarnation is two individuals arising from a central soul.


Nai Leng Consciously Experiences Death & Rebirth: Past Life Story of Nai Leng | Chaokhun Rajsuthajarn (Choate)

Nai Leng, an avid practitioner of meditation, was able to consciously experience his death and rebirth into the body of an infant, Choate. Choate was destined to become a famous monk in Thailand and towards the end of his life, wrote an autobiography, published when he was 61 years old, 1969 where he explained that he was Nai Leng in prior life and that he was conscious during Nai Leng’s death and rebirth as the infant Choate.


Xenoglossy & Phobia Reincarnation Case of Sharada | Uttara Huddar: A Past Life Personality Preserved Intact within the Soul

Reflections of a Past Lifetime in a Phobia, as well as in Dreams and Literature such as the case involving Uttara Huddar whose past life personality Sharada shows Psychic abilities by taking over Uttara’s consciousness lightly simulating a Spirit’s possession.

physical resemblance reincarnation

Past Life Story of John Elliotson | Norm Shealy, MD: Spiritual Communication or Soul Guidance in a Reincarnation Case

John Elliotson, a 19th century British physician, a medical innovator and pain specialist reincarnated into Norm Shealy a modern internationally renowned neurosurgeon, inventor, writer and specialist in pain management. Shealy is the inventor of TENS Unit, Dorsal Column Stimulator, and the Facet Rhizotomy.


Holocaust Past Life Story with Phobias, Religion Change & Soul Plan: Reincarnation Case of a Jewish Concentration Camp Victim | Teuvo Koivisto

Teuvo Koivisto was born a Lutheran Christian, in Helsinki, Finland on August 20, 1971 but he was the reincarnation of a Jew who had the misfortune of dying in a concentration camp. The reincarnation was announced to his mom in a dream by a man who was holding a copy of the Kabbalah who said “The baby you are expecting is a Jew, and I will save your life.”


Reincarnation and Suicide-Introduction

Ian Stevenson, MD reincarnartion cases in which suicide was committed in a past lifetime. The symbol for reincarnation cases involving suicide is an X, representing negation, on a green background, which symbolizes life.


Past Life Behavior, Past Life Geographic Memory & Past Life Phobia in Turkish Reincarnation Case of Ahmet Delibalta | Erkan Kilic

Ahmet Delibalta observed the recovery of his body after a plane crash. A reincarnation case study which details how the relationships are renewed through reincarnation. Erkan as a child to played with his own past life son.


Past Life Story of Louise Vanderbilt | Wayne Peterson-Spirit Being or Soul Guidance in a Reincarnation Case with Psychokenisis

In childhood, Wayne Peterson had vivid memories of a lifetime in which women wore nineteenth century clothing and where parties were held in a large sandstone, mansion-like house. Decades later, while working as a US Diplomat and and Director of the Fulbright Scholarship Program, through guidance from the spirit world and an episode of psychokinesis, Wayne was able to identify his past life as Louis Vanderbilt, wife of Frederick Vanderbilt, a member of the American Vanderbilt dynasty which includes CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Reincarnation, Klong

Child’s Past Life Story with Phobia, Gender Change and Experience of Heaven: The Reincarnation Case of Chuey Puang Pei | Ampan Petcherat

Chuey, a boy, encounters a snake in a waterway, drowns and is reborn as Ampan, a girl. Ampan has spontaneous memories of her past life as Chuey and retains the midset of a boy. This case can help understand homosexuality and gender identity issues though reincarnation. Ampan also had phobia of snakes and memories of heaven.


Gender Change in Reincarnation Cases and Homosexuality-Introduction

Gender change occurs in only 10 percent of reincarnation cases, which can help us understand homosexuality and transsexualism. The diagram for gender change in reincarnation cases is the male and female symbols merged, indicating me can be male and female across incarnations.


Past Life Story with Phobias, Innate Talent & Religion Change: Reincarnation Case of a Young Holocaust Victim | David Llewelyn

David died as a young Jewish boy in a Nazi concentration camp, David reincarnated into a Christian family though David’s biologic father, Solomon, was Jewish, David was not aware of this. If Nazis and German people knew that one could be born Jewish in one lifetime and Christian in another, would the Holocaust still have happened.

Islam reincarnation past lives cresent moon

Islam Reincarnation Case of Oma Devi | Nagina: Past Life Case involving Suicide, Religion Change & Renewed Relationships

Oma Devi committed suicide reincarnated in a little over 3 years after her death, demonstrating that suicide does not end the evolution of the soul. Oma Devi was Hindu, but reborn into a Sunni Muslim family.


Muslim Reincarnation Case of Mushir Ali | Naresh Kumar: A Past Life Case with Change in Religion from Islamic to Hindu

Naresh Kumar, a Hindu was reunited with his past life family, the Muslim family of Haider Ali, who accepted Naresh as the reincarnation of their deceased son,


Reincarnation Case of Max Planck | Dean Radin

Dean Radin as the reincarnation of Max Planck, the inventor of Quantum Physics.

5 Wellington Train Disaster Reincarnation Evidence

Reincarnation Case of Nellie Sharp | Karen Frazier and the Wellington, Washington Avalanche and Train Disaster

A Past Life Obsession with the Wellington, Washington Avalanche & Train Derailments was found to have connections with a past life as Nellie Sharp. The facts as researched by herself, all the events agrees or affirms that she, Karen Frazier is the reincarnation of Nellie Sharp.


Xenoglossy Reincarnation Case of Jenson Jacoby | TE Past Life Personality Retained Intact within the Soul

Under hypnosis or past life regression, A physician’s wife starts speaking Swedish. In sessions conducted from 1955 to 1956, Tania’s hypnosis, revealed a personality named Jensen Jacoby who spoke Swedish and claimed to be Tanya’s past life.

5 Reincarnation Suicide Case A Blazing Fire

Reincarnation Case of Mithilesh Singh | Rajani Singh Past Life Case Involving Suicide, Same Family Incarnation, Reincarnation Birthmarks & Physical Resemblance

A new life reclaimed after a death by suicide of Mithilesh Singh who reincarnated in the same family as Rajani observed to exhibit the same behavior as Mithilesh. A noticeable physical resemblance and demonstrations of similar phobias between the two were also noted.

Reincarnation, Klong

Child Reincarnation Story of Bootlegger Sammy Fernando | Sujith Jayaratne

Same appearance and behaviors across two lifetimes.


Innate Past Life Talent and Child Prodigies in Reincarnation Cases-Introduction

Child prodigies and innate abilities can be explained through reincarnation. The symbol for past life talent represents the knowledge of the soul penetrating into the mind of the personality.


Past Life Love Story with Spirit Being & Past LIfe Phobia: Turkish Reincarnation Case of Sehide Suzulmus | Cevriye Bayri

The Reincarnation of Sehide Suzulmus which she announced in a dream. Her clear recall of all past life memories: Cevriye Remembers her Murder and Demonstrates a Phobia of the Dark from a Past Lifetime were thoroughly reviewed in this case.


Past Life Story of Francesco Foscari | Wayne Peterson: Spirit Being, Spirit Guide & Soul Guidance in a Reincarnation Case

Though Wayne never took an art lesson, he found he could create beautiful paintings. His artwork focused on scenes of Venice, reflecting his past lifetime as Francesco Foscari.


Walk-in Phenomenon Defined & Revival of a Dead Body-Introduction

A walk-in describes one soul taking over a human body that was previously animated by a different soul. In one case an individual appears to have died before another soul took over the body, which was revived. The symbol for walk-ins represents a soul approaching a body before assuming it.

John Gordon | Jeff Keene

Physical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases-Introduction

Evidence that appearance can be consistent across lifetimes and a theory on how this occurs. The symbol for physical resemblance in reincarnation cases is one face reflected in another.


Soul Plan, Spirit Being & Gender Change in Same Family Reincarnation: Past Life Story of Jaako Vuorenlehto | Taru Jarvi

A reincarnation research case that gives proof that a soul can plan future life from the spirit world. The reincarnation of Jaako Vuorenlehto a male as a female Taru Jarvi and she has perfect recall of past life.


Past Life Love & Story: Soul Plan, Spirit Being & Geographic Memory Turkish Reincarnation Case of Abit Suzulmus | Ismail Altunkalic

Abit Suzulmus | Ismail Altunkalic case is one of the best documented of all Turkish reincarnation cases. Sehide was Abit’s pregnant wife, murdered the same time that Abit was, Cevriye Bayri reported having memories of being Sehide, which will be discussed in the Sehide Suzulmus | Cevriye Bayri reincarnation case review.

IISIS Evidence Reincarnation Colorful Party Hat

Soul Plan, Spirit Being, Past Life Behavior & Same Family Reincarnation in the Past Life Story of Pertti Haikio | Samuel Helander

A child is born again into the same family and perfectly remembers his Past Life and exhibits Past Life Phobias. A research case on child reincarnation implying Past Life Behavior and Soul that Plans abetted by cautionary from Spirit Beings by Dr, Ian Stevenson, Md.

5 Past Life Scar or Reincarnation Birthmark-Titu Singh

Birthmarks in Reincarnation Cases-Introduction

Traumatic wounds in one lifetime can result in scars in the same location in a subsequent lifetime.


Geographic Past Life Memory & Deja Vu in Reincarnation Cases-Introduction

Past life memories stimulated by past life locations and the ability to find past life homes without directions are discussed. How reincarnation can explain deja vu experiences. The symbol for Geographic Memory is the globe, as locations on our planet can stimulate past life memories and emotions.

IISIS Elsagene Tikvah Reincarnation Evidence-Past Life

Reincarnation Case of Elsagene | Tikvah Dobsch with Past Life Phobias, Nightmares and a Near Death Experience

Reflections on Reincarnation and a Child’s Life Cut Short was influenced by flashes of memories of a past life that recurs as nightmares on Tikvah Feinstein. She hears about Elsagene, but then she searched for concrete proof that indeed she, Tikvah is Elsagene’s reincarnation.


Xenoglossy & Retention of the Personality with the Soul-Introduction

Xenoglossy is defined as the ability to speach a language from a past life, which was not learned in the contemporary life. How xenoglossy cases imply that personalities from one’s lifetimes are retained in the soul. The symbol for xenoglossy consists of two caption boxes, representing speach or two languages.

IISIS Alessandrina 1 and 2

Child Reincarnation Story of Alessandrina Samona 1 and 2

A child Alessandrina died of meningitis at a very young age of 5, who later reincarnated as her younger sister. A reincarnation research case showing proof of reincarnation within the same family by Dr. Ian Stevenson, MD.


Soul Plan in Past Life Story of Angelina Lopes | Alfonso Lopes Reincarnation Case with Phobia & Gender Change

Angelina Lopes was born in Loures, Portugal on July 20, 1953, and died when she was 7 years old in a car accident, then she subsequently reincarnated as her younger brother Alfonso and was born on August 23, 1962 in Loures.


Soul Plan in the Past Life Story of Poldi Holzmuller | Wolfgang Neurath: Reincarnation Case with Change in Gender

Poldi Holzmuller reincarnates as a boy, a reincarnation case that touches on gender identification.


Past Life Ability, Spirit Being, Mediumship & Spiritual Guidance in the Reincarnation Case of Rosario Weisz | Henrietta Roos-Weisz

Henrietta Roos was born in 1903 in Amsterdam, Holland. Early on, she demonstrated a natural talent for drawing, painting and music, later in life she was able to patch memories and discovered she had a close connection with Goya in the past lifetime.


Soul Survivor: Past Life Story of World War II Fighter Pilot James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger

As a young boy, James Leininger had spontaneous memories of a past lifetime as an American fighter pilot. His father, Bruce, through research, was able to establish Little James’s past life identity as James Huston, Jr. Little James eventually was reunited with this past life sister who validated his past life memories.


Reincarnation Case of Hardevbaksh Singh | Nasruddin Shah: Change of Religion from Hindu to Muslim in a Past Life Case

Hardevbaksh, a Hindu, Reincarnates as a Muslim in Nasruddin. Still Nasruddin identified with the Hindu faith and his past life caste as a Thakur and often this causes conflicts with beliefs of his present lifetime Muslim family.


Reincarnation Xenoglossy Story of Nawal Daw

An Arabic, Muslim girl speaks a past life indian language. Nawal Daw was born in Lebanon on April 25, 1960 to an Arabic, Muslim family but Nawal as a child spoke a language that she never learned by normal means.


Past Life Story with Soul Planning from the Spirit Realm Reincarnation Case of Felix Fresnel | Christophe Albret

Dr. Maurice Delarrey and his wife, Jeanne, whose maiden name was Boileau experimented with an Ouija board and began getting communications that they thought were genuine messages from the spirit world. Felix Fresnel announced his reincarnation into the Delarrey family as Christophe in one of this experimentation.

IISIS Reincarnation, Transgender & Gender Identity Issues, Water Snake

Phobias in Reincarnation Cases-Introduction

Phobias may be due to past life trauma. The symbol for phobias is a snake.


Reincarnation Case of Shiv Behari Jain | Ram Prakash: Past Life Case with Change in Religion

Shiv Behari Jain was of the Jain religion, while Ram Prakesh was born into the Hindu faith, Shiv Behari Jain a prosperous merchant lived in Firozabad, northern India. He died and reincarnated as Ram Prakash who was born on April 10, 1966, about 9 months after Shiv Behari Jain died.


Soul Planning from Spirit Realm: Past Life Story of Bessie Gordon | Jenny McLeod

Jenny McLeod was born on November 7, 1949 in Aberdeen, Scotland but prior to that she planned her reincarnation. She was Bessie Gordon. the mother of Margaret, Janet’s mother in her past life, a good proof of same family reincarnation.


Past Life Story with Spirit Being, Past Life Phobia & Behavior: Muslim Reincarnation Case of Abdulkerim Hadduroglu | Necati Caylak

Abdulkerim Hadduroglu met his death in a Minibus Crash and he reincarnated as Necati Caylak who possessed clear and vivid memories of his past life and death.

Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen Past Life Case

Change of Religion, Nationality, Race and Ethnic Affliation in Reincarnation Cases-Introduction

Evidence shows cultural markers of identity, such as religion and nationality, can change across lifetimes. This understanding can make the world a more peaceful place. The symbol for change of religion is a symmetric cross inside a circle. The circle can represent looking up at the dome of a mosque or church. It can also signify that we can incarnate in any culture in our cycle of incarnations.


Past Life Story with Physical Resemblance, Phobia & Geographic Memory: Reincarnation Case of Margaret Kempthorne | Gladys Deacon

A personal account of her experience and the details of a personal interview by Dr. Ian Stevenson were the bases for this child reincarnation story case. Gladys Deacon the person who experienced the child reincarnation detailed her memories of her past life and corroborated it with evidences she has collected. in a story she wrote herself.


Blanche Bautista Reincarnation Story: A Lullaby from a Past Lifetime

A same family reincarnation research case of Dr. Ian Stevenson tinged with a touch of Xenoglossy. A little girl named Blanche reincarnated as her younger sister who is also named Blanche and at age 5 the second Blanche started singing a French lullaby which a former French servant had sung to the first Blanche.


Karma in Xenoglossy Past Life Story of a German Woman

Xenoglossy reincarnation story with bad karma, the story of an 1862, hypnotist in Hamburg, Germany, named Ricne Galitian, who hypnotized a poverty stricken German woman who spoke French. She described the events of a previous lifetime to which she attributed her present day life situation equating it as bad karma for an evil deed.

Planning future lifetimes

Planning Lifetimes & Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation-Introduction

Souls can plan lifetimes, which implies a personal destiny, as supported by announcing dreams. The symbol for Planning Lifetimes is a folding map, our life’s journey.


Reincarnation Case of Mandeep Kaur | Pushpa: Change of Religion in a Past Life Case

Mandeep Kaur, a member of the Sikh religion, lived in New Delhi, India, with her husband and on June 2, 1961, Mandeep’s husband stabbed her to death. About 4 years later, a girl named Pushpa was born on June 16, 1965 into a family of Hindu religion.


Jon Stewart Interviews Jesus

“You’re like five fingers on a hand who think they’re separate and make up reasons why not to get along.”


Past Life Story with Soul Plan, Spirit Being & Past Life Phobia: Turkish Reincarnation Case of Nasir Alev | Nasir Toksoz

Turkish reincarnation case demonstrates multiple principles of reincarnation.


Soul Planning from Spirit Realm with Gender Change in a Reincarnation Case: Past Life Story of L. Ennuyer | N. Jegou

A mother’s questions on her son’s accident were finally answered when her son reincarnated as her granddaughter. Lionel Ennuyer reincarnated as Nadege and tells how he died a in a motorcycle accident.

Victorian Ghost

Child Reincarnation Story of Ibleto di Challant | Giuseppie Costa: Same Facial Features in Two Incarnations

Fascinating reincarnation case solved through a spirit being that shows facial features can remain the same.


Past Life Story with Soul Plan, Renewal of Past Life Relationships & Geographic Past Life Memory: Muslim Reincarnation Case of Mehmet Cosmen | Suleyman Zeytun

A Soul Plan in Proximity Reincarnation Case that also exhibits a few inherent characteristics of the other types of reincarnation; the best example are those of split reincarnation. This is the reincarnation case of Mehet Cosmen who reincarnated in the child, Suleyman Zeytun who was born in the same village, just a few doors away from Mehet’s home.


Past life Story of Eeva-Maija Kaartinen | Maria-Liisa Kaartinen: Soul Plan, Reincarnation & Talent, Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives

A girl Eeva-Maija Kaartinen who died at an early age when her mother is pregnant with another baby reincarnated in the baby that her mother was carrying when she died, and was named Marja-Liisa. A reincarnation story with references clearly indicating a renewed sustained lifetime of a former life that was curtailed at a very young age.


Past Life Story with Change in Religion & Geographic Past Life Memory: Reincarnation Case of Gioanna Spontini | Laure Raynaud

Laure Raynaud was born in 1868 in the French village of Aumont, near Amiens. At the age of 17, she decided to work as an alternative healer and was then subsequently employed by Dr. Gaston, which connected her to discovering a past lifetime.


Child Reincarnation Story of Karakas | Kemal Atosoy: Change in Religion-Christian to Muslim

A reincarnation case in which a Muslim boy had spontaneous memories of a past lifetime as a Christian.


Past Life Story with Innate Talent, Deja Vu, Geographic Memory & Religion Change: Reincarnation Case of an Islamic Persian | Peter Avery

Peter Avery, was born in Derby, England, on May 15, 1923. In World War II, he served in the Royal Indian Navy which he left after the war.He attended the University of London, graduated in 1949 with a degree in Arabic and Persian languages which catapulted him to a career as Training Manager for Arabic and Persian languages for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, and it was this job that gave him the opportunity to discover his past lifetime in Isfahan.


A Case of Sudden Past Life Recall: A Boy Finds his Past Life Wife and Treasure

Reincarnation & Preservation of Past Life Personalities Within the Soul case study followed the story of a boy who found his past life wife and led her to a buried chest full of money. A researched and published case by a researcher named Krishanand.


Soul Plan, Same Family Reincarnation & Spirit Being Involvement in the Past Life Story of Kalevi Paasio | Paavo Sorsa

A same family reincarnation of a murdered son Kalevi Paasio, as his younger brother but from another father Paavo forming a closer relationship with his mother in the subsequent lifetime. Paavo manifested protective tendencies towards his mother maybe because of his inability to protect her in his previous lifetime.