The Book “Spiritual Light” and The Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood (USB): A Shared Spiritual Mission, by John Finnemore, Ph.D


Article by: Engineering Professor John Finnemore, PhD,  Universal Spiritual Brotherhood&Sisterhood Chief Volunteer

In a very rare, recent spiritual event, the most advanced beings (Illumined Souls) in the highest spiritual realms delivered unusually noble and pure spiritual wisdom to humanity on earth through gifted mediums. This wisdom is presented in the book: Spiritual Light: Universal Teachings from the Highest Spirit Realms

Very significant is the great extent to which these illumined teachings agree with Walter Semkiw’s mission and with his understanding of the nature of the soul that he summarizes in his book, Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of Reincarnation, based on his extensive research into reincarnation.

The purpose of the delivery of messages from these Illumined Souls during 1956‒1982 is to spiritualize and unite humanity and to awaken people to the many spiritual realities of life, which they taught is the only way to break down barriers between people, build the brother-and-sisterhood of all people, and so avoid the excessive misery and havoc we create on earth.  (Here, by “spiritualize,” I mean to promote nobility of character, ideals, aspiration, and efforts, with a high level of moral consciousness.)  Dr. Semkiw’s objective, to create a more peaceful world, is much the same.

Reasons why the Illumined Souls’ delivery of this wisdom was very special and rare are:

  • Those souls included the most spiritually exalted beings and some of the greatest prophets, teachers, enlightened beings, and noble souls who have lived on earth.
  • Those beings are so advanced it was very difficult for them to lower their vibrations down to our relatively low (and to them, unpleasant) levels on earth, which they needed to do to be able to communicate directly through exceptional mediums, i.e., without using relays.
  • The teachings they shared were not those of a single teacher, or of a number of individual teachers, but were those that had been agreed upon by many united Great Souls, making them far more reliable;
  • They explained that they have made similar deliveries of wisdom “at the dawn of each new age,” where an “age” is often considered to be about 2000 years long.

The Illumined Souls chose the mediums through whom they communicated.  They chose not only highly skillful mediums, but they also had to have exceptional personal spirituality to make rapport possible.  In the USB’s early years these included the great English mediums Leslie Flint and Estelle Roberts.

As a result of the almost incredible advancement of these Great Souls and their united approach, the teachings they have shared with us are extraordinarily pure.  The inspiring results are documented in their 2014 book, Spiritual Light: Universal Teachings from the Highest Spirit Realms, presented by their organization of spiritual truth on earth, the Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood (USB).  Under their direction, the USB on earth is patterned after the long-existing USB in the high spirit realms and is tasked with the mission to enlighten and share this wisdom with humanity.  You can find more information about the USB and its book on the USB website,, and from its YouTube videos , its Facebook page (requires login), and its quarterly newsletters.

The USB teachings have been described by authoritative reviewers as “fascinating” (Deepak Chopra), “an encyclopedia of wisdom which should be understood by all humanity” (John White, author and editor of multiple books), “The Spiritualist Bible for the twenty-first Century” (Matthew Hutton, an editor with Psychic World), and “coming from the highest vibration” (Victor and Wendy Zammit).

The beautiful and inspiring teachings in Spiritual Light are not a religion but are presented for all people, regardless of their beliefs, in a down-to-earth, clear, and simple way.  Intended to raise the spiritual level of our lives, they should be of interest to all who wish to reduce the extensive discord, chaos, and suffering on earth.  They address truth, spiritual laws, love, responsibility, spiritual progress, psychic phenomena, life on earth and in the spirit realms, and many related subjects.  The teachers ask us to accept only what our inner being tells us is true and our reason completely embraces.

Those extensive teachings were not dictated.  Instead, the Illumined Souls discussed them through exceptional mediums with their representative on earth, Michael Flagg, so that he could write them up in the language of our times; but they exercised final approval of his writing.  Michael was one of their number, he incarnated specifically to be able to serve them in this way; in this life he worked as an editor while also writing poems and plays and composing songs.

They also asked Michael to form a nonprofit organization to spread their teachings.  They told him he’d been prepared for this work through centuries, by various lives and incarnations.  Audio recordings of Michael discussing the mission and the teachings with Illumined Souls in 1956 and 1957 will be released by the USB before long.

To learn more about Michael Flagg, please go to:

Rare Spirit Communication: A High Spiritual Adventure and Mission

The evidence for the truthfulness of Spiritual Light lies primarily in the wisdom and spirituality of its content.  Teachings by highly spiritual afterlife authorities have occasionally been presented before, in mostly older books, (e.g., Austen, 1938 and Moses, 1949).  But Spiritual Light is very extensive and addresses more ‘technical’ and specific areas that may be of interest.  At their request, the book does not name the illumined spirit teachers, their main reason being that they want people to accept teachings for their content and not because of the teachers’ names.

The need for the spiritual development that these Illumined Souls are encouraging is urgent.  They said earth’s spiritual development severely lags behind its developments in other areas.  They spoke of our present “darkened state” and “the Armageddon of light and darkness that enshrouds your world today.”  Their message emphasizes what can and must be done here and now to remedy our situation.

Purpose of Reincarnation Dean Radin Larry Dossey Walter Semkiw MDThe USB’s book and audio recordings mention, in passing, souls who have lived numerous lifetimes on earth, thus confirming the teaching of reincarnation in Origin of the Soul.  The many other areas of agreement between the teachings from these two independent sources include: that we are all universal, eternal souls that are one with God; that there are so many lessons that need to be learned, only available on earth, that our soul development cannot be achieved in a single lifetime; that personal responsibility is a major law and the earth is our testing ground; that a karmic record is kept of all our deeds and actions; and that in spirit life we have bodies, free of earthly imperfections, where we continue with the same personality, character, and talents.

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