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Xenoglossy & Retention of the Personality with the Soul-Introduction

Xenoglossy is defined as the ability to speach a language from a past life, which was not learned in the contemporary life. How xenoglossy cases imply that personalities from one’s lifetimes are retained in the soul. The symbol for xenoglossy consists of two caption boxes, representing speach or two languages.

Reincarnation Japanese Soldier, Gender Identity Issues, P 38

Japanese Soldier Reincarnates as a Woman and Becomes a Lesbian, Understanding Homosexuality & Gender Identity Issues through Reincarnation; Sasha Fleishman

The retention of the mindset of the gender of a prior incarnation is demonstrated in this childhood memory reincarnation case researched by Ian Stevenson, MD. A WW II Japanese soldier in occupied Burma was killed in a strafing run and reincarnated as a Burmese woman, showing how a persecutor can return to life as the persecuted, demonstrating the futility of war.


Karma in Xenoglossy Past Life Story of a German Woman

Xenoglossy reincarnation story with bad karma, the story of an 1862, hypnotist in Hamburg, Germany, named Ricne Galitian, who hypnotized a poverty stricken German woman who spoke French. She described the events of a previous lifetime to which she attributed her present day life situation equating it as bad karma for an evil deed.


Reincarnation Xenoglossy Story of Nawal Daw

An Arabic, Muslim girl speaks a past life indian language. Nawal Daw was born in Lebanon on April 25, 1960 to an Arabic, Muslim family but Nawal as a child spoke a language that she never learned by normal means.


Nai Leng Consciously Experiences Death & Rebirth: Past Life Story of Nai Leng | Chaokhun Rajsuthajarn (Choate)

Nai Leng, an avid practitioner of meditation, was able to consciously experience his death and rebirth into the body of an infant, Choate. Choate was destined to become a famous monk in Thailand and towards the end of his life, wrote an autobiography, published when he was 61 years old, 1969 where he explained that he was Nai Leng in prior life and that he was conscious during Nai Leng’s death and rebirth as the infant Choate.


Xenoglossy Reincarnation Case of Jenson Jacoby | TE Past Life Personality Retained Intact within the Soul

Under hypnosis or past life regression, A physician’s wife starts speaking Swedish. In sessions conducted from 1955 to 1956, Tania’s hypnosis, revealed a personality named Jensen Jacoby who spoke Swedish and claimed to be Tanya’s past life.

ReincarnationResearchMartinLuther's portrait

Xenoglossy-Unlearned Language: Past Life Story of Gretchen Gottlieb | Dolores Jay

Past Life Personality: Who was Gretchen? Carroll Jay was a Methodist Christian minister who started to practice hypnosis in 1954. His wife, Dolores, was having back pain and on May 10, 1970, Carroll conducted a hypnosis session with the aim of relieving his wife’s pain. When, in hypnosis, Dolores, speaks in German, and later revealed she was Gretchen in her past life resulting to an investigation of a Xenoglossy reincarnation case.


Xenoglossy & Phobia Reincarnation Case of Sharada | Uttara Huddar: A Past Life Personality Preserved Intact within the Soul

Reflections of a Past Lifetime in a Phobia, as well as in Dreams and Literature such as the case involving Uttara Huddar whose past life personality Sharada shows Psychic abilities by taking over Uttara’s consciousness lightly simulating a Spirit’s possession.


Muslim Reincarnation Case of Mushir Ali | Naresh Kumar: A Past Life Case with Change in Religion from Islamic to Hindu

Naresh Kumar, a Hindu was reunited with his past life family, the Muslim family of Haider Ali, who accepted Naresh as the reincarnation of their deceased son,


Blanche Bautista Reincarnation Story: A Lullaby from a Past Lifetime

A same family reincarnation research case of Dr. Ian Stevenson tinged with a touch of Xenoglossy. A little girl named Blanche reincarnated as her younger sister who is also named Blanche and at age 5 the second Blanche started singing a French lullaby which a former French servant had sung to the first Blanche.

Reincarnation, Klong

Child Reincarnation Story of Bootlegger Sammy Fernando | Sujith Jayaratne

Same appearance and behaviors across two lifetimes.