Reincarnation Xenoglossy Story of Nawal Daw


Islam reincarnation past lives cresent moonHow Derived: Spontaneous Memories in Childhood

Researcher: Ian Stevenson, MD

From: Xenoglossy, by Ian Stevenson, MD

Article by Walter Semkiw, MD

An Arabic, Muslim Girl Speaks a Past Life Indian Language

Nawal Daw was born in Lebanon on April 25, 1960 to an Arabic, Muslim family. As a child, she would speak in a language unknown to her parents and she refused to learn Arabic until the age of five. As a child, she showed a preference for Indian food, music and dress.

When still a young girl, her parents took Nawal to a tourist spot in Lebanon. There, she saw people in Indian dress and she ran to them in an excited state. Nawal started to speak to them in their language and they responded to her in their language.

A person that Nawal spoke to was wearing a turban and beard that was rolled up, consistent with the Sikh culture. As such, the language was likely the Hindi or Punjabi.

Principles of Reincarnation & Understanding Past Lives

IISISReincarnationCasesEvidencesikhturbanxenoglossyXenoglossy: In this case, Nawal as a child spoke a language that she never learned by normal means. Her Arabic family couldn’t understand what language she was speaking, but Indian tourists in Lebanon could understand her and they responded to her in their language, which was most probably the Indian languages of Hindi or Punjabi. As Nawal was able to converse with the Indian tourists, this represents a case of responsive xenoglossy.

Change in Nationality, Ethnic Affliation and Religion: Nawal not only could speak an Indian language, she had a preference for Indian food, music and dress. As such, it is likely that Nawal had a past lifetime in India. Nawal was born into a Muslim family, but in her apparent Indian past lifetime, she would have likely been Hindu or Sikh. As such, nationality, ethnic affiliation and religion have changed from one lifetime to another.