Kevin Ryerson, the Spirit Being Ahtun Re and the Proposed Reincarnation of John Adams, with the Robert Morris | Shirley MacLaine Past Life Case


johnadamswaltersemkiwreincarnationcaseIntroducing Kevin Ryerson, the Spirit Guide Ahtun Re & President John Adams Proposed Reincarnation


Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD

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A Medical Doctor’s Journey into Past Lives

The way in which I became involved in reincarnation research is that in 1984, on a lark, I went to a medium, much like the one that Penney Peirce went to see. It was a time when I was in my medical training in Chicago, Illinois. A friend called me and suggested that I have a session with a medium who was working out of a local metaphysical bookstore.

Being a skeptic by nature, I had never even considered going to a psychic before. It had been a dreary winter, though, with little to do but study, and I reasoned that a session with a medium could be, if nothing else, entertaining.

During the session, the medium went into a meditative state and in doing so, allowed spirit guides to talk through him. These guides told me about family issues with surprising accuracy.

The guides then told me about two past lives, one of which was during the American Revolution. In short, they told me that I was John Adams, an American Revolutionary who eventually became the first Vice President, under George Washington, then the second President of the United States. I had heard that psychics often tell people that they were someone famous in a past lifetime, as that is what their clients want to hear. I did not find it plausible that I was Adams, so in 1984, I dismissed the information as ridiculous and did not pursue the Adams connection for about 12 years.

A Booming Telepathic Message

At the end of 1995, I was fully engaged in my medical career and was on a business trip in Hawaii.  I was working as a medical director of an oil company called Unocal 76, whose slogan happened to be, “The Spirit of 1776,” a reference to the spirit of the American Revolution.  It was about lunch time and I was standing at one Unocal’s facilities in Honolulu waiting for some colleagues. Out of the blue, out of nowhere, I received an internal command like I had never experienced before.  A booming voice inside my head commanded:

“Study the Lifetime of Adams”

I had never heard a booming internal voice like that before, nor have I since. The message conveyed by this voice was firm and undeniable, and powerful enough to make me go to a bookstore in Honolulu that evening, where I purchased books on the American Revolution and John Adams.

iisispeteradamsgeorgesemkiwreincarnationcaseIn the session in 1984, the spirit guides told me that if I researched John Adams, I would see myself in physical attributes, personality and habits. As I read about Adams over the course of 1996, that is exactly what I found. I had the same personality, the same strengths and weaknesses, and in certain portraits, such as the one done for the Paris peace conference after the Revolutionary War, I had the very same face as Adams. Place your cursor on image comparisons to enlarge the image and your arrow keys to scroll up and down on the image.

Past Life Relationships

Over time, I identified 60 people who where affiliated with Adams, who seemed to be reincarnated around me in my life. For example, my brother George appeared to be the reincarnation of Peter Adams, the brother of John Adams. Facial features, as well as personality traits, were consistent.

I hypothesized that my other brother, Leo, who is an orthopedic surgeon, is the reincarnation of Cotton Tufts, who was also a physician and a close friend of the Adams family, who managed the Adams’s finances when they traveled overseas. Leo managed my mother’s finances prior to her death.

John Adams, US President, Reincarnation Case

IISISCottonTuftsLeoSemkiwReincarnationCaseOver a period of two years, I slowly and reluctantly started to consider that I might be the reincarnation of John Adams.

One reason was the many synchronistic and unusual events that were occurring to me in relation to Adams. One such unusual event involved accidentally discovering a case of xenoglossy.

This involves a Russian friend of mine named Igor, who was also living in San Francisco. In my study of Adams, I had a hunch that Igor was a Frenchman that John Adams knew, when Adams served as an American ambassador to France. When Igor and I first met, we became instant friends, typical of what happens when one encounters a compatriot from a past incarnation. Igor physically resembled the Frenchman and they shared personality traits. Igor and the Frenchman both loved music and played instruments. Igor was trained as a concert pianist in Russia and after immigrating to the United States, he played for the major ballet companies in New York. Igor and the Frenchman were also both adept at finance. Igor, in fact, makes his living on the stock market.

A Telepathic Message Reveals a Case of Xenoglossy: Unlearned Language

Though Igor is a close friend, I didn’t tell him about his hypothesized French past life identity for over a year, as Igor was an atheist and I knew that he did not believe in reincarnation. One evening, I was at Igor’s apartment, sitting in the kitchen with Igor and his new girlfriend, Holly. Igor and Holly had been dating for about six months, but she lived in Seattle, so this was my first opportunity to meet her. Out of the blue, I received a distinct intuition, which seemed like a telepathic message. In fact, the best way that I can describe it is that I experienced a “voiceless voice,” a term used by Neale Donald Walsh in his book series, Conversations with God. Though I have no idea where the voiceless voice came from, it made the following statement:

“Tell them now, tell them now.”

IISISIgorReincarnationCaseI immediately knew that the voiceless voice wanted me to tell Igor and Holly about Igor’s past lifetime as a Frenchman, though I didn’t understand why I should tell Igor at this point in time. I argued with this unexpected voice, thinking to myself, “Why should I tell them now? I could have told Igor a year ago. Besides, he’s never going to believe it anyway.” None the less, I complied with the voiceless voice’s instruction. I reluctantly told Igor and his girlfriend about my feeling that I knew Igor in the Revolutionary Era and that he was French. An image comparison featuring Igor and his proposed past life match is provided to the right.

Xenoglossy: Igor Speaks French in his Sleep

His girlfriend, Holly, then replied, “Boy that’s strange, because Igor speaks French in his sleep.” Igor confirmed that this was true. Igor related that he has been told many times that he speaks French in his sleep and he admitted that he has never studied French. Igor cannot speak French in his waking consciousness. Of course, Igor being the atheist that he is, didn’t care about this phenomenon or how it possibly could occur.

I was thunderstruck! This represented a case of xenoglossy, in which a person can speak a language that was never learned. The amazing thing was that it supported my hypothesis about Igor and the Adams past life research in general. It appears that the voiceless voice prompted me to tell Igor about his French lifetime in the presence of his girlfriend, so that she could report his nocturnal language skills to me. Otherwise, I may never have learned about Igor’s xenoglossy.

In addition, many other strange events and coincidences occurred to me that seemed to relate to a past lifetime as Adams, which are recounted in detail in the last chapter of my book Return of the Revolutionaries, which is entitled, A Science of Spirit and the New Reformation. If my hypothesized reincarnation case was true, I reasoned that the information might be valuable in understanding how reincarnation works, but I didn’t know what to do with the information. Prior to the year 2000, I certainly wasn’t ready to go public. After all, I was a physician making a good salary. I didn’t want to lose my job by running around saying that I was John Adams, if I was not. I needed some type of validation or confirmation.

A Tour of Psychics: Introduction to Kevin Ryerson & the Spirit Being or Spirit Guide Ahtun Re

Kevin Ryerson & Meaning of Life, Walter Semkiw MD IISIS Reincarnation Case StudyNot knowing what else to do, I started going to psychics in the San Francisco area, where I was living, who had good reputations, to see what they would say. For example, I visited Michael Tamura, who directed the Berkeley Psychic Center for almost 20 years. In this position, he trained other clairvoyants, so I though he might be a reliable resource. In my session with Michael he stated, “Yes, you were John Adams and you are here to bring the Founding Fathers back.” That was nice, but I still wasn’t convinced. I went to several other psychics and they all told me the same thing, that I was reincarnation of John Adams. I still questioned their accuracy and suspected they may just be telling me something they thought I wanted to hear.

In my continuing tour, I eventually was referred to Kevin Ryerson, the medium who has worked with Shirley MacLaine for 30 years or so and who is featured in four of her books.

I learned that Kevin is a trance channel, which means that when he works, he goes into a meditative state or trance and allows spirit beings to speak through him.

The Spirit Guide or Spirit Being Ahtun Re

The spirit being that I began to work with through Kevin is named Ahtun Re, who identifies himself as an Egyptian of Nubian origin. Ahtun Re explained that he had evolved through a series of human lifetimes and then ascended, like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and other spiritual masters. Ahtun Re’s last incarnation, he told me, was in Egypt, during the reign of the Pharaoh Akhenaton (1379-1362 BC), who was known as the “Father of Monotheism.” Ahtun Re served as a High Priest and advisor to Akhenaton and as such, Ahtun Re’s last incarnation occurred approximately 3350 years ago.

Speaking to an Egyptian spirit guide that has been dead for over 3000 years was a novel experience for me. I was open-minded, but skeptical, and in the beginning I did not assume that Ahtun Re was accurate. Like any reasonable person, and especially since my background is in science, I needed evidence to be convinced that Ahtun Re produced valid information.

A Review of Past Life Cases from the American Revolution

First of all, Ahtun Re also confirmed that I am the reincarnation of John Adams. I then reviewed the list of almost 60 past life matches that I had hypothesized regarding the group that was incarnate around John Adams, who I thought I had identified in contemporary times. As we went through each match, Ahtun Re told me whether I was right or wrong. In total, he validated about 85 percent of the matches that I had hypothesized and he indicated that 15 percent or so were inaccurate. A number of American Revolution past life cases validated by Ahtun Re are found on the Reincarnation Research web site. To learn more:

Go to: Past Lives of Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, John Hagelin & Deepak Chopra

Obscurity of Past Life Matches Convinces Walter Ahtun Re is a Spirit Being separate from Kevin Ryerson

Still, I wasn’t sure whether there was any reason to place trust in Ahtun Re. How did I know that his determinations were valid?

A breakthrough occurred when I started to ask about matches in which I had no hypothesized matches and I asked Ahtun Re to tell me who a person was in a past lifetime, or who a person from history is in contemporary times. What I found was that Ahtun Re could make past life identifications, which when researched, appeared to be valid and accurate. The matches he made, when investigated, demonstrated similar facial features, personality traits, talents and appropriate karmic groupings.

Further, at times the matches involved individuals in history that were so obscure and so hard to get information on, that there was no way that Ahtun Re (or Kevin Ryerson for that matter) could have made the matches without accessing some spiritual source of accurate data. Some might call this source of information the Akashic Record, some may call it Universal Mind.

Core Cases that Demonstrate the Ability of Spirit Being Ahtun Re to Read the Akashic Record or Universal Mind

A sample of cases which clearly demonstrate Ahtun Re’s ability to make accurate past life matches include those of the 2000 American Green Party Candidate for President, Ralph Nader, the astronomer Carl Sagan, Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God book series, and the reincarnations of Laurel and Hardy. The Laurel & Hardy | Bacher Boys reincarnation cases are also very powerful. These cases are presented in the section: Core Cases that Demonstrate Ahtun Re’s Ability

Spirit Being Ahtun Re’s Encyclopedic Fund of Knowledge: Precedes Google

One must keep in mind that when I started to work with Kevin in 2001, search engines, such as Google, were primitive and were not used routinely. When Ahtun Re gave me information to research, I had to do it the old-fashioned way by going to the library and reading books. Because of the limited access to information at that time, I came to realize that Ahtun Re’s fund of knowledge was beyond what was possible for Kevin Ryerson. As noted in the reincarnation cases involving Penney Peirce, a medium named Bobby Jo seemed to have access to information in an encyclopedic scope. In a similar way, Ahtun Re seemed to have knowledge there was beyond the capacity of a single human being.

The Spirit Guide MacPherson Observes Walter Shirley MacLaine & Walter from the Spirit Realm

IIISIS Reincarnation Case Study Shirley MacLaineBefore I proceed with presenting cases solved through Ahtun Re, I would like to share an anecdote which demonstrates that the spirit guides that Kevin channels can monitor events on Earth. In my book, Return of the Revolutionaries, Shirley MacLaine is identified as James Wilson, an American Revolutionary and signer of the Declaration of Independence, a match that Ahtun Re revealed. Ms. MacLaine was gracious enough to agree to be in my book, though she herself had not had an opportunity to have a session with Kevin prior to my book’s publication to have this past lifetime confirmed directly.

The Robert Morris | Shirley MacLaine Reincarnation Case

A few months after publication of Return of the Revolutionaries, Ms. MacLaine was conducting a series of workshops in October 2003 at the Academy of Art College, in San Francisco. It was an opportunity for me to meet Ms. MacLaine for the first time. In the interim months, I understood from Kevin that Shirley did have a session with him and Ahtun Re. Subsquently, Shirley cited the Robert Morris | Shirley MacLaine reincarnation case in her book I’m Over All That: And Other Confessions.

Spirit Being Ahtun Re Suggests a Present for Shirley MacLaine

I myself happened to have a telephone session with Kevin Ryerson scheduled on the day before Shirley’s event. Kevin conducted the session from Portland, Oregon, which is where he was living at the time. In the session, I asked Ahtun Re whether I should bring a gift to Shirley. Ahtun Re, speaking through Kevin in his deep bass voice, told me to have a T Shirt manufactured that had an image of Shirley’s revolutionary persona on the front, with a caption underneath that states:

“In my next lifetime, I want to be Shirley MacLaine.”

On the back of the T Shirt, Ahtun Re told me that I should emboss the following line,

“One hundred lifetimes and all I get is this crummy T Shirt.”

Ahtun Re not only can make accurate past life matches, he also has a sense of humor. Well, almost miraculously, I was able to get the T Shirt manufactured within a day and I had it with me when I went to see Shirley speak. After the morning session, I introduced myself to Shirley at the lunch break. I was not prepared for what happened next. At the start of the afternoon session, Shirley invited me to join her on stage.

Walter get Nervous On Stage with Shirley MacLaine and Passes the Microphone like a Baton

For almost two hours, a three-way conversation ensued between Shirley, her audience of two to three hundred people and me, regarding reincarnation, my book and her past life as Robert Morris. Though I was having the time of my life, I was nervous about being on stage with one of the most famous celebrities on the planet. My anxiety was channeled into my right hand, which was holding the microphone. My hand grasped the microphone with greater and greater force until it started to cramp. At that point, perhaps forty minutes into our discussion, I passed the microphone to my left hand. After a while, my left hand started to cramp and I had to pass the microphone back to my right hand. This passing of the microphone baton continued throughout the duration of my stage appearance with Shirley, which as noted, lasted almost two hours.

Spirit Being MacPherson Observes Shirley & Walter from the Spirit Realm

IISISSpiritWorldHeavenWhat is remarkable about this incident with Shirley is that Kevin Ryerson’s spirit guides were watching the proceedings from the spirit world. Recall that Kevin was in Portland while the event with Shirley took place in San Francisco. Several months after Shirley’s Academy of Art College engagement, Kevin Ryerson came to San Francisco to do a lecture and a public demonstration of channeling. In the session, another spirit guide channeled through Kevin, Tom MacPherson, came through. MacPherson often came through in sessions for Shirley MacLaine, as Tom was last incarnate as an actor in Shakespeare’s troupe, so he and Shirley have a common interest in drama. Tom, through Kevin, addressed the audience in his Irish accent and he called me out. Tom inquired, “So, Laddy, did you have a nice time with the redhead?”

The redhead that Tom was referring to, of course, was Shirley MacLaine. I responded that I had a wonderful time on stage with Shirley. Tom then noted:

“You were a wee bit nervous, though, passing the microphone to and fro from one hand to another.”

I was shocked when Tom made that statement, as I had not told Kevin of the microphone incident. Later upon questioning, Kevin confirmed that he had no knowledge of my problem with the microphone when I was on stage with Shirley. This made me realize that Kevin’s guides could monitor events on Earth, regardless of where Kevin himself was physically located.

Dear Friends in Kevin Ryerson & Spirit Being Ahtun Re

Over the years that I have worked with Kevin regularly since we first met in October 2001 and we have become good friends. In addition, since I have had monthly sessions with Kevin since 2001, I also feel that Ahtun Re is a friend of mine. In the sessions, Ahtun Re is as warm and human as anyone else that you might speak to over the telephone. The only difference is that with Ahtun Re, the telephone is Kevin Ryerson. MacPherson has also come through a handful of times, but it has been Ahtun Re who has been the dominant spirit guide that I have worked with. Ahtun Re and MacPherson have distinct personalities, which are quite different from Kevin’s personality.

I would also like to mention that I am not the only one who has had extremely positive experiences with information gained through Kevin Ryerson. For example, William H. Kautz received a Doctorate of Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and served as a staff scientist at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) for 35 years. Dr. Kautz has written several books on the topic of intuition and he regards Kevin Ryerson as one of the most accurate intuitives he has studied. With this introduction, let us review cases solved through Ahtun Re:

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