Walk-in Phenomenon Defined & Revival of a Dead Body-Introduction


Article by: Walter Semkiw

walk-in-reincarnation-research-heaven-can-waitThe phenomenon of a walk-in describes one soul taking over a human body that was previously animated by a different soul. Walk-ins have been discussed in past life regression literature, but only one Ian Stevenson case validates the walk-in phenomenon with evidence. In this one case an individual appears to have died before another soul took over the body, which came back to life. The walk-in phenomenon appears to be extremely rare.

Though rare, the walk-in phenomenon has been portrayed in the lighthearted stage play, Heaven can Wait by Harry Segall, which was made into the movies Here Comes Mr. Jordan with Robert Montgomery, Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty and Down to Earth with Chris Rock.

The symbol for walk-ins represents a soul approaching a body before assuming it.

Walk-in Reincarnation Case

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