1: ETs, UFOs, Reincarnation, God, Embryology and Templates for Life, with Comments on the Shows “Unidentified” and “Ancient Aliens”


Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD

With Input from Spirit Being Ahtun Re channeled though Trance Medium Kevin Ryerson

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In the Program “Unidentified,” Luis Elisondo and Christopher Mellon Facilitate Validation of US Navy UFO Videos

My interest in ETs and UFOs was triggered by the US Navy’s validation of three videos of UFOs taken by fighter pilots from the US Nimitz and US Theodore Roosevelt. The image on top is of the “Tic Tac” UFO captured by a fighter pilot from the USS Nimitz in 2004 off the coast of Mexico south of San Diego.

The term “Tic Tac” was coined by pilot David Fravor who intercepted this UFO and witnessed incredible manuvers made by this craft that were far beyond the capability of aircraft built by humans. Fravor said the UFO was about 40 feet long, white and oval, similar to a giant Tic Tac candy breath mint. There were no wings or other features of conventional aircraft.

To view an interview with David Fravor with footage of the Tic Tac UFO, please go to:

Commander David Fravor describes His Encounter with the 2004 Nimitz Tic-Tac UFO with Videos

The image to the right and the image below are of  two UFOs that were captured on video by pilots from the USS Theodore Roosevelt during manuevers off of the US East Coast between Washington, DC and Jacksonville, Florida. The “Gimbal” UFO was captured rotating as it flew at high speed, reminiscent of a gimal attached to the bottom of an aircraft which can rotate keep a radar or video tract on an object while the aircraft is turning.

The “Go Fast” UFO was caught on video skimming the surface of the ocean at very high speed.

Pilot Ryan Graves discusses Gimbal and Go Fast videos taken by pilots from the USS Theodore Roosevelt

To view a videotape of all three UFOs described, please go to:
please go to:

US Navy UFO Videos Deemed Genuine by US Navy

Luis Elizondo, Tom Delonge and Christopher Mellon, Leaders of Revealing Evidence of UFOs and Stars of the TV Series “Unidentified”

Two figures who have been instrumental in getting these videos released are Luis Elizondo, a retired US Army Intelligence officer and Christopher Mellon, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. In addition, musician Tom Delonge of the rock group Blink 182 has also been a leader in the disclosure of governmental UFO information.

I thank these individuals for their work and their participation in the TV series: Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation

I hope that we can work together in the future.

The ET Species identified in these images will be discussed in our second article on ETs and UFOs.

Energy Templates that Create Life and Physical Appearance

When I was a biology major at the University of Illinois, I was initially agnostic-I didn’t know if God existed or not. Things changed when I took an upper level embryology course, in which I learned how a sperm and an egg joined, then proceeded create a human being.

I was amazed at how sheets of living tissues, formed from the original egg and sperm, moved magically to form complex structures such as the spinal cord and brain.

In the image provided below and to the right, the embryo has taken on a surfboard shape with the green tube at the top with a verticle slot representing the developing brain and spinal cord, the violet tube forming beneath it the digestive tract and the C shaped structures at the bottom of the image are the developing lungs.

I was aware of experiments in which conditions of the primordial Earth were recreated in tanks or vessels, in which building blocks of life, such as amino acids, were spontaneously created. In the human body, amino acids join together to create proteins.

The creation of amino acids under lab conditions does not explain how tissues formed in the embryo move on their own to create complex organs.

The only way I could envision how this magical dance occurred was that there was an invisible force, an energy template, that guided the formation of complex organs.

It was at this point that I decided that there had to be something like God, a guiding intelligence, that existed. This intelligence had to have created energy templates that biologic tissues would shape around.

Phyical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases

We do observe an energy template that is involved in the creation of our physical appearance from one lifetime to another.  Childhood past life memory cases that have been objectively validated by Ian Stevenson, MD at the University of Virginia, have demonstrated similarity in facial features from one lifetime to another.

Physical resemblance in reincarnation cases is documented when there is a child who has sufficiently detailed past life memories that the past life family can be located. The past life family then verifies statements made by the child regarding the names of past life family members and facts that would only be known by members of the past life family. Typically, the past life family accepts the child as the reincarnation of their deceased loved one.

If a photograph of the child’s past life persona is available and the child can be followed over a period of 20 years to adulthood, Ian Stevenson noted that as an adult, the child could look exactly like their past life persona.

Reincarnation Physical ResemblanceOther researchers have observed the same phenomenon. Key cases from my book Born Again, which demonstrate physical resemblance from one lifetime to another, are provided below:

Hanan Monsour | Suzanne Ghanem Reincarnation Case

Rashid Kaddege | Daniel Jurdi Reincarnation Case

James Huston, Jr | James Leininger Reincarnation Case

Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen Reincarnation Case

Ghost Photos Support that an Energy Template Influences Physical Appearance

Support for energy templates that correspond to physical appearance is also provided by a series of photos of a spirit body ascending from a teenager who had just died in a car crash, in which the spirit body looks exactly like the physical form of the teenager. To learn more, please go to:

Ghost Photos

Ghost PhotoAhtun Re, a Spirit Being Channeled through Kevin Ryerson, has Knowledge of ETs and UFOs

I have been working with trance medium Kevin Ryerson since 2001, on roughly a monthly basis. I found that Kevin channels a spirit being named Ahtun Re, who has demonstrated the ability to make past life matches with a high degree of accuracy.

Ahtun Re is the most intelligent and knowledgeable being I have interacted with in my entire life. My book, Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of Reincarnation, is made up of my dialogues with Ahtun Re regarding the big questions of life, such as how many times do we reincarnate and when does incarnation on planet Earth end.

Ahtun Re claims to have extensive knowledge of extraterrestrial civilizations and this is the first of a series of articles that I will be writing on ETs and UFOs, based on my conversations with Ahtun Re.

God’s Artificial Intelligence Programs Create Life

Ahtun Re agrees that the processes of embryology are controlled by energy templates which can be considered artificial intelligence programs, created by God to produce life. There are artificial intelligence programs for all the different species on Earth, including birds, reptiles, fish and so forth.

Artificial intelligence energy programs have also been involved in the formation of complex molecules, such as chlorophyll, which is the molecule responsible for plant life and for the generation of oxygen on planet Earth. Without chlorophyll, we would not exist.

The Male and Female Aspects of God

Ahtun Re has stated that God can be seen as having a male and female aspect. The female aspect intervenes in the lives of humans out of love, such as in the ressurection of Jesus.

The male aspect of God is the energy that powers life and the artificial intelligence programs that create life. The male aspect of God includes prana, which is the term for life energy in the Hindu religion. We are all alive because we have God’s energy, prana, flowing through us.

Humans Have Souls

All living things have prana. Living beings that reincarnate have a structure that we call the “soul,” which is an energetic storage device that contains memories of our past lives, as well as our spiritual DNA.

In the process in which our souls were created, we were imbued with specific abilities and talents. As such, scientists tend to reincarnate as scientists, theater people reincarnate as actors, visual artists reincarnate as sculptors, painters and the like. These issues are discussed in detail in Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of reincarnation. Our souls provide continuity throughout our incarnations.

Most animals do not have souls, though they do have prana, like all living things. In contrast, pets who have close relationships with humans can develop souls based on emotional bonds. People can reincarnate with pets they have loved in past lives.

Measuring the Technologic Advancement of ETs

In setting a measure for technological advancement, Ahtun Re suggested that we use the first use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a machine made by a species. The definition of an AI machine would be a device that takes information from the environment, analyses the information and then makes operational decisions based on the environmental data, without the intervention of a human being.

A most familiar example of an AI machine would be a Tesla or other car with autonomous driving features. These vehicles have sensors around the car, as well as GPS input, and a computer in the car uses this data to activate systems in the car, such as braking to avoid a collision, without the participation of the human driver. In assessing the technologic advancement of ET civilizations, we will use the advent of AI machines as a benchmark.

Also please consider that we first achieved flight in the United States by the Wright Brothers in 1903 and then we landed men on the moon only 66 years later, in 1969. Also consider the rapid development of the Internet and computers. Once major technologic advancements are made, they can grow exponentially in a short period of time.

Spacefaring ETs Are at a Minimum 400,000 Years Ahead of Us Technologically-“Ancient Aliens” a Reality

With this in mind, Ahtun Re has revealed that all ET civilizations that visit Earth developed AI machines at least 400,000 years ago.  ETs, in other words, created the equivelent of a Tesla that long ago.

In general, Ahtun Re says that the ability to create technology to “bend space” to travel vast distances occurs about 200 years after AI machines are created. As such, in 200 years or so, we will have technology to travel across the universe.

ET’s have had the technology to bend space to travel great distances for at least the last 400,000 years and they have been visiting us for that duration of time.

As such, the premise of shows such as Ancient Aliens is valid. The details of ET vistations to our ancient civilazations on this show are often highly speculative, but the basic theme is true.

ETs Have Souls, Reincarnate and have Similar Artificial Intelligence Programs as on Earth, Created by God-Reincarnation as a Science

Extraterrestrials have evolved along the same lines of species development as on Earth, which includes insects, reptiles and mammals. Despite the diversity of species that make up ET bodies, spacefaring ETs all have human-like bodies in that they have a head, two arms to manipulate objects and two legs for mobility.

Ahtun Re has said that this is the most efficient physical form for beings of advanced intelligence. Still, there are differences based on the animal species ETs have evolved from.

Spacefaring reptilian ETs would have two arms and two legs, though the head would slightly resemble that of an alligator.

ETs that came from the insect line will have two arms and two legs, but these appendages may have multiple joints and there may be an exoskeleton. In addition, the head of a being that came from the insect line may have a head that is similar to that of a praying mantis.

Stop and think how you would react to a humanoid being, about your size with two arms and two legs, but with a head like a praying mantis, who you know is 400,000 years more advanced technologically than you!

That would be mind blowing for most, as we humans are used to being the most dominant species on Earth. Encounting beings much more advanced than us will be humbling and frightening.

Humanity’s Propensity for Violence Discourages Contact by Advanced ET Civilizations

We historically have been a violent species. We typically go to war based on differences in nationality, religion and ethnic affiliation. This continues today, where different sects of the Muslim religion, Sunnis and Shiites, fight among themselves and blow up their respective Mosques in conflict.

We go to war with ourselves, which has been a constant theme in our history. Spacefaring ETs understand this and anticipate that nations on Earth may respond to ET contact with war.

Not because ETs are hostile, but because they are so different than us in physical appearance and technologic advancement, they can be seen as threatening to us.

Humans and ETs are Brothers and Sisters in the Perception of God

Artificial intelligence energy programs created by God are also employed in the embryonic development of ETs, just as they are implemented in the development of life forms on Earth. We can concieve that the prana that gives us life is the same prana that gives ETs life. We are siblings expressing God’s life energy.

Spacefaring ETs also have souls and they develop spiritually through the process of reincarnation, just like human beings. Ahtun Re has indicated that for ETs, reincarnation has developed into a science.

Past Life Relationships
Burmese Sisters Reincarnate as Twins

For ETs, Reincarnation and Planning of Lifetimes is a Science-Ian Stevenson’s Twin Study

We know from studies of children with spontaneous past life memories, that souls plan lifetimes to be reunited with those that we have loved, known and worked with in prior incarnations.

This is most vividly demonstrated by Ian Stevenson’s Twin Study, in which 31 sets of twins had spontaneous past life memories in childhood that were objectively validated. Stevenson found that in 100 percent of these cases, the twins had significant relationships in their prior lifetimes.

The most common past life relationship was that of siblings, but the twins in their prior incarnations could also have been spouses or close friends. The Twin Study definitively shows that souls not only can plan lifetimes, but that souls can influence the process of conception to the point that two souls can engineer their reincarnations as twins.

We on planet Earth are not conscious of the reincarnation process, except for those who are familiar with the research of Ian Stevenson, MD at the University of Virginia.

In contrast, ETs’ understanding of the reincarnation process is so advanced that they plan lifetimes with great intent, so that they are born in the place and with the people they need to be associated with to carry out specific projects.

5 thomas edison elon musk reincarnationActually, venture capitalist Tim Draper shared with me his belief that we plan our incarnations consciously. Tim’s firm helped finance Elon Musk’s projects of Tesla and SpaceX. In a past lifetime, Musk was Thomas Edison and Tim, in that era, was also Edison’s financier.

The Goldilock’s Zone and Earth as a Disneyland for ETs-Concern About Global Warming and a Mass Extinction Event

Ahtun Re has indicated that there are about a dozen ET species that visit Earth. A primary reason for their visits is that there are few planets that can support the vast diversity of biologic life that Earth nourishes.

Earth is in the “Goldilocks” region of our solar system, that is far enough away from our star, the Sun, to avoid extermination by heat, but close enough to the Sun to have warmth and an atmosphere conducive to life. In other words, Earth is in a spot that is just right for life.

ETs are very well aware of our Goldilocks status and the “Blue Pearl,” as our planet is called by ETs, is one of the most interesting places for ETs to visit. Our abundant life makes Earth a “Disneyland” for ETs.

ETs are concerned about our survival due to global warming, which may lead to a mass extinction event. ETs are actively studying our atmosphere and our oceans.

Will ETs Invade Earth in an “Independence Day” Senario?

I once asked Ahtun Re if ETs want to conquer our planet for resources such as water, oxygen and precious metals, such as depicted in the movie Independence Day. In the image provided to the right, a huge ET craft is destroying the White House by an energy beam.

This is the way many of us view ETs, as violent conquerors who will kill us if we don’t kill them first. ETs understand our view of who they are and they understand that it will take time for humanity to be ready to accept the announcement of ETs’ interrelationship with humanity.

To ETs, We are Primitive and Violent

Ahtun Re replied that the suggestion of ETs invading Earth for resources would like a US Marine Corps General ordering a battalion to invade a homeless camp to acquire their possessions.

ETs don’t need anything we have. They can acquire what they need from uninhabited planets, asteroids and other celestial objects. On their spaceships, they can manufacture whatever they need.

The Psychic Advancement of Spacefaring ETs: The Soviet Cosmonaut Sightings of Huge Angel Like Beings in 1984

One thing that we must understand is that ETs who can travel to our planet are far, far more advanced than us not only in technology, but also spiritually and in psychic abilities.  A common form of communication amoung ETs is telepathy.

In fact, ETs initially found us, in our vast universe, through psychic means, in which life reaches out to other life. Ahtun Re has said that there is a “psychic beacon,” in which advanced beings are connected with life throughout the Universe.

A wonderful example involves the sightings by two successive crews on the Soviet space lab, Salyut 7, of huge angelic like beings outside their spaceship. Below, I share an account of the incidents from the website UFO Insight, in an article written by Marcus Lowth.

Cosmonauts in Salyut 7 See Huge Angel Like Beings

“In July 1984, on board a Soviet space station, one of the strangest sightings of cosmic phenomena occurred. The event witnessed not by a single person, but six individuals all claiming to have seen the same thing. What’s more, these events happened on two separate occasions, removing the possibility they were victims of some freak visual occurrence.

According to the cosmonauts on board the Salyut 7, huge “angel-like” manifestations were present outside their craft. They were floating above the Earth and swimming through the eternal ocean of space. These humanoid creatures had distinctive wings, and faces that housed a “peaceful expression!” They even projected overall feelings of peace and tranquility among the crew members.

The account, although seeing news coverage at the time, only really came to light in a fuller manner at the end of the Cold War. Indeed, it was while the world witnessed a major Soviet propaganda victory in the space race that these events played out quietly in the background…

The Salyut 7 ET Incident

Launched in April 1982, the Salyut 7 Space Station locked into Earth’s orbit soon after. The intention was of conducting various scientific experiments in space. The initial crew consisted of Soviet cosmonauts, Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyov and Oleg Atkov (who served as a cardiologist).

Three months into its third year above the planet, the mission had begun to experience a multitude of system failures. This understandably unnerved the crew somewhat, although they didn’t appear to be in any danger and proceeded with the mission.

The first strange sighting occurred on July 12, 1984. Out of nowhere a strange but bright “orange cloud,” seemed to envelop the entire space station. At first, they believed there must have been an explosion and consequently the orange glow was, in fact, a fire. Investigation proved this not to be the case.

The three cosmonauts rushed to the portholes, almost blind from the brightness that flooded into the space station. When their eyes finally adjusted, each of them could clearly see huge “angels” outside the ship.

The cosmonauts stated the angels had a wingspan akin to the size of 747 jets, and were eighty feet tall. One later report stated that the entities appeared to acknowledge their presence inside the space station, even smiling at them. In all, there were seven of these celestial entities.

The men stood mesmerized by what they were seeing for ten minutes. Then the “angels” disappeared, as quickly and as quietly as they had arrived.

The Return

Following the docking of the Soyuz T-12 with the Salyut 7 on July 17, 1984, five days after the strange sighting, three more cosmonauts – Vladimir Dzhanibekov, Svetlana Savitskaya, and Igor Volk – boarded the space station.

In a bizarre side-story to the events that were unfolding, the launch of the T-12 was down to the Soviet government wanting to score a propaganda victory over the United States in the escalating space race of the 1980s.

NASA’s announcement in 1983 that they would make astronaut, Kathryn Sullivan, the first woman to complete a spacewalk began things. Hearing this, the Soviets immediately set their sights on such an achievement. The mission directive was to ensure that Svetlana Savitskaya would complete a successful spacewalk before the Americans, and so being the first woman in history to do so and scoring a major Soviet propaganda victory. Incidentally, she achieved this eight days after docking with the Salyut 7, on July 25, 1984.

While this was unfolding, however, behind the scenes the mysterious angels returned. This time all six of the cosmonauts witnessed them together. The events were largely the same as the first time they appeared.

They again reported the sightings to the mission control superiors on the ground. Again the reports spoke of these strange glowing angel-like creatures seemingly being aware of the crew – even smiling at them. As before, after several minutes of encircling the space station, they peacefully disappeared into the vastness of space.

Mass Hallucinations?

Although there is no hard conclusive science to back it up any more than your standard UFO or alien theory, the Salyut 7 incident was chalked up by most to a mass-hallucination. A single cosmonaut hallucinating is one thing. To have six people on two separate occasions each share that same hallucination is unlikely at best.

Each of the cosmonauts was subject to intense and prolonged examinations upon their return to Earth. These were both physical and mental in nature. All passed these examinations and procedures convincingly. In short, there is nothing to indicate or prove that what they saw was a hallucination.

Nor was there any suggestion, or reason to suggest, that the incident was a collective lie by the Soviets.”

Angels Seen by Cosmonauts were Pleiadians Visiting in their Spirit or Astral Bodies

Ahtun Re has told me that what the cosmonauts saw were beings from the Pleiades who were observing progress humans were making in space travel.

These Pleiadeans were not there physically, but in their spirit or astral bodies, which appeared to the cosmonauts as angels.

We humans also have astral or spirit bodies, but we are usually not conscious of these spirit forms of ourselves. Spacefaring ETs are experts at using their spirit bodies to explore our universe and they send out physical spaceships to follow up on their spiritual perceptions.

Ahtun Re, by the way, shares that the beings we call Pleiadeans actually came from the Andromeda constellation. They terraformed a planet in the Pleiadean constellation which became their new home, just as we contemplate establishing a colony on Mars.

Measuring the Technologic Advancement of ETs

In setting a measure for technological advancement, Ahtun Re suggested that we use the first use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a machine. The definition of an AI machine would be a device that takes information from the environment, analyses the information and then makes operational decisions based on the environmental data, without the intervention of a human being.

A most familiar example of an AI machine would be a Tesla or other car with autonomous driving features. These vehicles have sensors around the car, as well as GPS input, and a computer in the car uses this data to activate systems in the car, such as braking to avoid a collision, without the participation of the human driver. In assessing the technologic advancement of ET civilizations, we will use the advent of AI machines as a benchmark.

Also please consider that we humans first achieved flight in the United States by the Wright Brothers in 1903 and that we landed men on the moon only 66 years later in 1969. Also consider the rapid development of the Internet and computers. Once major technologic advancements are made, they can grow exponentially in a short period of time.

Spacefaring ETs Are at a Minimum 400,00 Years Ahead of Us Technologically-“Ancient Aliens” a Reality

With this in mind, Ahtun Re has revealed that all ET civilizations that visit Earth developed AI machines at least 400,000 years ago.

ETs have been visiting Earth for at least this period of time.  As such, the premise of shows such as Ancient Aliens is valid.

The Issue of Contact with ETs

ETs who visit have not made widespread contact with us because there does exist what some have called the Prime Directive, in which there is agreement among spacefaring nations that species that are still considered to be primitive will not be interfered with, in part because of the possibility that primitive beings would see ETs as Gods, the possibility that humans may launch an attack on the ETs, that humans still driven by power would seek to access ET technology to destroy their Earthly enemies, and so forth.

I myself am amazed by the amount of violent content we view as entertainment, much like the Romans did at the Coliseum in watching humans and animals being killed by gladiators.

In scanning programs available through my cable tv provider, I am constancy disturbed at how many programs involve murder and other violence.

Though the killing of animals on stage has reduced in popularity, we still have bullfights in Spain where spectators seem to enjoy the killing of a bull by the swords of matadors.

Though we no longer have specticals in which gladiators fight to the death, in the US we have a comparable spectical in US football. Though our gladiators now wear helmets and other protective equipment, the shear violence involved in professional American football fascinates us.

Though American football players are not killed on the field, they are killed slowly through injuries, including tramatic brain injuries. Further, because of the prevalence of serious injuries, an alternate definition of the US National Football League (NFL), is “Not For Long,” as injuries shorten the careers of American football players.

Not to even mention the perpetual wars that exist in the Middle East. We have to admit we are a violent species. Luckily, though we have not destroyed ourselves through our nuclear weapons, a concern about this possiblity still causes stress. Why? Why would we want to destroy ourselves?

If I were an ET and viewed our cable programs filled with violence and monitored our wars in recent decades, I too would be cautious about working with our species.

The bottom line is when humans stop fighting among themselves, contact by ETs will be made. We just need to mature as spiritual beings.

Reincarnation Research can Help Create Peace and thus Facilitate Contact with ETs

Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen Past Life CaseEvidence of reincarnation can significantly advance peace, as reincarnation research, including the work of Ian Stevenson, MD at the University of Virginia, shows that we can change religion, nationality and ethnic affiliation from one lifetime to another.

Most conflicts and wars are based on differences in these cultural markers of identity. If we realized that we can reincarnate as a member of our enemy, we would understand that there is no point in fighting.

A classic case in this regard is the reincarnation of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen. Anne was persecuted and killed as a German Jew during the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands. If the Nazis knew that one could be born Jewish in one lifetime and Christian in another, the Holocaust could not have happened.

Similarly, if we understood that we can incarnate in an ET culture and vice versa, the brotherhood of humans and ETs would be better understood and accepted. To learn more about Barbro’s reincarnation case, as well as other case studies that show change in relgion and nationality, please go to:

Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen Reincarnation Case

Reincarnation Cases with Changes in Religion, Nationality and Ethnic Affiliation

ETs Want to Make Contact, Though They Hesitant Due to Our Violent History

If we understand humans and ETs both evolve through the process of reincarnation, we already have a great deal in common!

ETs do want to make contact, but they are are concerned about our spiritual evolution and our propensity to wage war for religious, national and ethnic reasons.

In subsequent articles, we will explore the various ET species that visit Earth, as well as their intentions and spacecraft.

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