Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Research Sessions with Spirit Guide or Spirit Being Ahtun Re


By: Walter Semkiw, MD

Kevin Ryerson & Meaning of Life, Walter Semkiw MD IISIS Reincarnation Case StudyCelebrity and historic figure reincarnation cases have been derived through my work with Kevin Ryerson, who is pictured to the right. In contrast, all cases presented under categories of Principles of Reincarnation, such as Physical Resemblances, Birthmarks, etc, were derived through independent researchers, with a focus on the work of Ian Stevenson, MD.

Kevin Ryerson is a world-renowned trance medium, whose fame began when Shirley MacLaine wrote about her collaboration with Kevin in her pioneering book, Out on a Limb. Subsequently, when the movie version of Out on a Limb was produced, Kevin played himself in that film. Kevin is the author of Spirit Communication: The Soul’s Path.

As a trance medium, Kevin goes into a meditative state to allow spirit beings to utilize his body to communicate with human beings. When a spirit being speaks through Kevin, the personality and voice of the spirit being emerges, which is different from Kevin’s voice and personality. After a session in which Kevin “channels” a spirit being, Kevin has no memory of what happened during the session.

In 2001, I began having sessions with Kevin and found that he channels a spirit guide named Ahtun Re, who has the ability to make accurate reincarnation matches. In my assessment, Ahtun Re was able to accurately identify past lives of individuals, as well as identify contemporary incarnations of individuals from history.

In a section of the Reincarnation Research website, I present five core reincarnation cases which serve as examples of Ahtun Re’s abilities to make accurate matches. Perhaps the most dramatic and entertaining example of Ahtun Re’s talents involve the reincarnation cases of Laurel and Hardy | Josh and Danny Bacher. When Ahtun Re confirmed this match, I knew next to nothing about Josh and Danny and more specifically, I had no knowledge that they had any affinity with Laurel and Hardy.

When I contacted Danny Bacher to tell him that he was the reincarnation of Oliver Hardy, I was amazed to learn that Josh and Danny had begun pretending that they were Laurel and Hardy almost as toddlers. From money they had earned from their newspaper route, they bought a movie camera and started to make slapstick movies as children. When they bought their first car, they made a tape of Laurel and Hardy movie music, which they played as stanlaureljoshbacherreincarnationcasethey drove around Manhattan and New Jersey. In their first Off-Broadway show, they created their own silent movie, replicating the comedic development of Laurel and Hardy. Further, Danny has been a lifetime collector of Laurel and Hardy memorabilia and he even has a pair of pants and a suit that Ollie wore displayed in his home. In other words, Danny has acquired his own clothing from a past lifetime. In addition, Josh and Danny have the same facial features as Stan and Ollie.

These correspondences between Oliver and Hardy and Josh and Danny Bacher are too great to be attributed to coincidence. I call these types of cases in which individuals are unconsciously attracted to their own past life personas as “affinity cases.” Another such case is the Dorothy Dandridge | Halle Berry reincarnation case.

Please review the Laurel & Hardy | Bacher Boys cases in detail and enjoy the Bacher Boys silent movie, entitled The Wrong Arm of the Law. In addition, view a reincarnation television pilot they have created entitled, Reincarnation Exploration, in which you will see Josh and Danny pretending to be Laurel and Hardy as children, hear testimony from their parents regarding their boys’ obsession with Laurel & Hardy, observe their childhood slapstick movies and see Danny’s collection of Laurel and Hardy memorabilia.

Please keep in mind that the Bacher Boys’ obsession with Laurel and Hardy and related behaviors occurred long before I contacted Josh and Danny in 2005 to inform them that they are the reincarnations of Laurel and Hardy. Further, when I made this contact, I had no knowledge of their lifelong obsession with Laurel and Hardy. For me, these observations, along with established principles or patterns of reincarnation, validate Ahtun Re’s ability to make accurate reincarnation matches. Their cases can be reviewed at:

The Laurel and Hardy | Josh and Danny Bacher Reincarnation Cases

I have worked with Kevin Ryerson since 2001 and Ahtun Re has demonstrated the uncanny ability to make what appear to be accurate reincarnation matches over this duration of time. To learn more about how I met Kevin Ryerson and to review the five core cases which I have posted to demonstrate Ahtun Re’s abilities, please go to the following links:

Introducing Kevin Ryerson and Ahtun Re with the Proposed Reincarnation of John Adams

Core Cases that Demonstrate Ahtun Re’s Ability to make Accurate Reincarnation Matches

To schedule a session with Kevin, which is done over the phone, go to:

Kevin Ryerson Tele-Reading

Disclosure Regarding Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Cases

WalterSemkiw PresidentReincarnation cases presented in this section are based on my work with Kevin Ryerson, as well as my own evaluation, analysis and commentary regarding these cases. No affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship by the individuals mentioned as reincarnation cases is claimed or implied, except where such endorsements are specifically given.

The fact that I discern evidence of past lives of various living individuals is not meant to suggest that these individuals share my beliefs, except where specifically noted.

Some of the cases presented in the Ryerson-Semkiw section were proposed by individuals who are supporters of ReincarnationResearch.com and credit is given to these individuals at the top of the case page. All cases proposed by others were subsequently affirmed in sessions that I have had with Kevin Ryerson. I thank all those who have contributed to this body of work, which will serve to help create a more evolved and peaceful world.