Reincarnation Cases of Andrew Jackson | John Kerry & Rachel Jackson | Teresa Heinz


5 Andrew Jackson John Kerry Reincarnation

Andrew Jackson | John Kerry Case Proposed by: Kevin Ryerson

Rachel Jackson | Teresa Heinz Case Proposed by Walter Semkiw, MD

Affirmed by: Ahtun Re in a Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Research Session

Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD

It was Kevin Ryerson who first formulated the hypothesis that John Kerry is the reincarnation of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States. In a subsequent session with Kevin, Ahtun Re, the spirit guide channeled by Kevin, who has a track record of making accurate past life matches, agreed that Kerry is the reincarnation of Jackson.

Andrew Jackson was born in 1767, in the border area between North and South Carolina, and died in 1845. John Kerry was born 98 years later, in 1943. There are a significant number of parallels in the lives and careers of Jackson and Kerry

Volunteering for Military Service Early in Life & Demonstrating Courage and Leadership in Military Service.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 and when the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, Andrew was but nine years old. Four years later, at age 13, Andrew volunteered to serve in the Revolutionary War as a courier. After the war, Andrew studied law and began a distinguished career as a prosecutor and later as a judge.

Jackson continued to participate in military affairs and in 1802 was elected Major General of the Tennessee militia, a rank that was later also given to him in the regular army. Jackson is most remembered for his military service in the Battle of New Orleans, in the War of 1812. Due to his leadership and bravery in that battle, Jackson soon became a hero in the psyche of Americans.

John Kerry

John Kerry also volunteered for armed service early in his life. Just as he was about to graduate from Yale, Kerry volunteered to serve in Vietnam. In his second tour of duty, Kerry volunteered to command a Swift Boat, patrolling river deltas, one of the most dangerous of assignments. In the course of his career in the military, Kerry was awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star with Combat V and three Purple Hearts. After the war, Kerry co-founded Vietnam Veterans of America and later became Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs. In was in this capacity, working on the behalf of Prisoners of War and those Missing In Action, that Kerry became friends with John McCain.

Trait of Disobeying/Protesting Orders when Orders were Perceived to be Wrong

5 Andrew Jackson John Kerry ReincarnationAndrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson demonstrated defiance of authority when he felt the position of those in authority was wrong. This trait is illustrated in the following examples:

When Andrew served in the Revolutionary War as a courier, at age 13, he was taken prisoner by the British for a period of time. When a British officer demanded that Andrew shine the officer’s shoes, Andrew refused. The British officer responded by striking him on the hand with his sword, which resulted in a deep laceration of Andrew’s hand.

During the War of 1812, Major General Andrew Jackson was ordered to march his Tennessee troops to Natchez, Mississippi. When they arrived, Jackson was told that his men were not needed and that he should disband his group of soldiers. Jackson thought the orders were wrong and he defied them. Instead, he led his troops back home to Tennessee. In was in this march that Jackson earned the nickname “Old Hickory.” Due to the strict discipline maintained on the march, Jackson was perceived by his men as being “tough as hickory.”

John Kerry

John Kerry also has demonstrated the trait of going against the military establishment, when he thought military leaders were making bad decisions, or when standing orders were not in the best interest of his men.

One example involves his service as a Swift Boat commander. At one point, Kerry’s boat came under attack. Instead of returning fire with his vessel broadside to the enemy, which is standard operating procedure, Kerry ordered that the boat be turned directly toward the shore in the vicinity of fire, and he ordered his vessel to be beached. An enemy soldier who was about to fire a B-40 rocket launcher was surprised by the maneuver, did not have time to fire the rocket again and retreated into the jungle. Kerry jumped off the boat and chased the soldier into the jungle, killed him and in follow up action, his soldiers killed nine other of the enemy. For this action, Kerry was awarded the Silver Star.

After his second tour of duty in Vietnam, Kerry came to the conclusion that the war was a mistake. He became a spokesman for Vietnam Veterans Against the War. In this role, at 27 years of age, he testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in April, 1971, where he made the statement, “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

By understanding John Kerry’s past lifetime as Andrew Jackson, the accusations that Kerry “flip flopped” on the Vietnam War can be better understood. In both lifetimes, Jackson/Kerry showed an early and passionate willingness to serve his country though military service. In both lifetimes, he also demonstrated the trait of not following orders blindly and without thinking. When Jackson | Kerry determined that marching orders were wrong, he challenged military authority and did what he felt was the right thing to do in the given circumstances. This is not a trait of “flip flopping,” rather, it reflects intelligence, discrimination and the courage to stand up for what is just.

Trait of Optimism

Andrew Jackson was known for his optimism, a trait shared by John Kerry.

Involved in National Affairs at a time that the United States was attacked on its own Soil

5 Andrew Jackson John Kerry ReincarnationAndrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was a military leader who helped expel the British, who had attacked the US in the War of 1812 and burned the White House in 1814.

John Kerry

John Kerry ran for US President at time when the destruction of the World Trade Center and the attack on the Pentagon represents the first time the US has been significantly attacked on its own soil since the War of 1812.

Studied Law & Became Prosecuting Attorneys at an Early Age

Andrew Jackson

Following the Revolutionary War, Andrew Jackson studied law and was admitted to the Tennessee Bar in 1787, when he was 20 years old. Within a year, he became a prosecuting attorney in the Superior Court of Nashville, Tennessee. Jackson later served as a judge on the Supreme Court of Tennessee for a period of six years.

John Kerry

John Kerry graduated from Boston College Law School in 1976, two hundred years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. Kerry, mirroring the path of Jackson, became a prosecuting attorney as the First Assistant District Attorney of Middlesex County, Massachusetts. In this role, he helped place the number two organized crime figure in Massachusetts behind bars.

Parallel Congressional Careers

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson ran for US Representative in 1796 and became the first Congressman from Tennessee, a state that had just been admitted to the Union. Jackson was subsequently elected as a US Senator from Tennessee.

John Kerry

John Kerry ran for US Representative from Massachusetts, though he failed to be elected. He later served as Lt. Governor for that state and subsequently was elected as a US Senator from Massachusetts.

Participated in Presidential Elections Following a “Stolen Election”

Andrew Jackson

Reincarnation Case Study John McCain Henry Clay Reincarnation Past LifeIn the election of 1824, Andrew Jackson ran for President of the United States and won the popular vote, but he did not have enough Electoral College votes to win the Presidency. The contest had to be decided in the House of Representatives. When Henry Clay, who has been identified as being reincarnated in the persona of John McCain, sided with John Quincy Adams (the son of John Adams), Adams prevailed in the House vote and became President. Since Jackson had won the popular vote but lost the presidential election, his supporters called the election of 1824 the “Stolen Election.” In the election of 1828, Jackson defeated John Quincy Adams and assumed the Presidency.

John Kerry

In the election of 2000, Al Gore was thought to have won the popular vote, but lost the election in the Electoral College, much like Andrew Jackson did in 1824. With this outcome, along with the controversy regarding the Florida vote, some have referred to the election of 2000 as a “Stolen Election.” If John Kerry had won the US Presidential election the of 2004, he would have repeated the pattern of assuming the Presidency following a “Stolen Election.” In contemporary times, the pattern was not repeated, as Kerry was not victorious.

Participated in Presidential Elections Involving Sons of Presidents

Andrew Jackson

In the election of 1824, Andrew Jackson ran against John Quincy Adams, the son of John Adams, the second President of the United States. When John Quincy defeated Jackson in the election of 1824, John Adams and John Quincy Adams became the first father and son to both serve as President of the United States. Jackson then ran for President against John Quincy Adams in 1828 and won.

John Kerry

George W. Bush’s election in 2000 represented the second time that the son of a President became a President himself. In the Presidential election of 2004, John Kerry ran against George W. Bush, much as Andrew Jackson against ran against John Quincy Adams.

Marriage to the Same Woman

Andrew Jackson’s wife, Rachel Jackson, has been affirmed by Ahtun Re to be have reincarnated as John Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz.

Principles of Reincarnation & Understanding Past Lives

5 Andrew Jackson John Kerry ReincarnationPhysical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases: There are physical resemblances between Andrew Jackson and John Kerry, as well as Rachel Jackson and Teresa Heinz.

Innate Past Life Talent: As described above, Andrew Jackson’s abilities and career path is replicated in the life of John Kerry.

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation: Andrew and Rachel Jackson have been reunited in the personas of John Kerry and Teresa Heinz. Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay were in the same political arena, as are John Kerry and John McCain.