Leslie Flint: The Reluctant, Humorous and Extremely Gifted Direct Voice Medium with First-Hand Descriptions of the Afterlife. A Past Life for John Travolta

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Kevin Ryerson

Trance Medium Kevin Ryerson and the Spirit Being Ahtun Re

A medium is an individual who has the God-given gift of being able to communicate and work with spirits. Most founders of major religions were mediums.

I have been blessed to work with Kevin Ryerson, a world-famous trance medium, who has been featured in the four of Shirley MacLaine’s books. The way that Kevin works is that he goes into a meditative state or a trance, much like sleep, and he allows spirit beings to use his vocal cords to speak to human beings. I have worked with Kevin monthly since 2001.

Kevin channels a spirit guide named Ahtun Re who has demonstrated the ability to make past life matches with a high degree of accuracy. When Ahtun Re communicates though Kevin, Kevin’s voice, accent, facial expressions and mannerisms change. Ahtun Re has an engaging sense of humor. Though Kevin is well read, Ahtun Re has an encyclopedic fund of information, which neither Kevin nor I possess.

Ahtun Re not only can control Kevin’s vocal cords, he can control Kevin’s entire body. When Kevin has led transformational travel tours to the Peruvian archaeological site of Machu Picchu, Ahtun Re would have Kevin put on a blindfold and then lead Kevin’s tour group on narrow cliff paths.

Ahtun Re has shared that he is a product of human evolution and that his last incarnation was about 3500 years ago in ancient Egypt, where he was a military general under the Pharaoh Akhenaten. Ahtun Re has related that when his family was killed by an enemy force, he renounced violence and became a priest in the temples of Egypt.

The Physical Mediumship of Daniel Dunglas Home | Uri Geller

A different kind of medium is a physical medium, who facilitates the ability of spirit people to manipulate energy and matter.  One of the most famous physical mediums in history is Daniel Dunglas Home (pronounced Hume), who produced the movement and levitation of physical objects, including levitating himself.

In my work, it has been revealed that Home reincarnated as Uri Geller, who is the most famous physical medium of contemporary times. Uri is perhaps best known for spoon bending. Both Home and Geller were studied by the eminent scientists of their day. These scientists observed the movement of physical objects of Home | Geller under laboratory conditions and these scientists concluded that the phenomena that Home and Geller produced were genuine.

When I asked Ahtun Re why Home and Geller were able to produce these incredible phenomena while the vast majority of people cannot, Ahtun Re told me that it was because of the high-level energy field that the soul of Home | Geller possesses. Both Home and Geller have claimed that they had no knowledge or understanding of how the phenomena they produced occurred. Home and Geller concluded that these phenomena were orchestrated by spirit beings, though they did not know who these entities were.

The reincarnation case of Daniel Douglas Home | Uri Geller, which is supported by Uri Geller, is featured in my book Born Again.

Uri Geller: “The Hair Just Went Up on the Back of my Neck”

I am proud to share that when I telephoned Uri to inform him that through my work with Kevin, he had been identified as the reincarnation of D. D. Home, he told me: “The hair went just went up on the back of my neck.” After a couple weeks of considering the past life match, Uri accepted that he is the reincarnation of Home and Uri gave me permission to include the Home | Geller case in my Born Again book. It gives me great pleasure to be able to relate that I made the hair go up on the back of the neck of one of the world’s greatest and most famous psychic mediums.

The Physical and Direct Voice Mediumship Leslie Flint

As such, I was particularly interested when I found out about the work of Leslie Flint, who has been proclaimed as the most gifted direct voice medium in history. In contrast to a trance medium, like Kevin Ryerson, where spirits utilize the medium’s vocal cords to communicate with human beings, a direct voice medium is able to use his or her life energy to allow spirit beings to communicate in their own natural voices through an energetic device, an energetic voice box or amplifier, a device that allows spirits to speak to human beings directly.

Physical mediums generally do not work alone. They work with a group of people who are harmonized in intent and purpose who share their own life energy to augment the physical medium’s life energy. It is like a sports team that supports their star player to accomplish a goal. This group of people interested in supporting the medium meet in what are called séances or circles. They sit in a circle to help spirits communicate through the person in the circle who has the greatest gift, or energy, as a medium.

Most people who have been involved in séances or in these circles have identified themselves as Spiritualists, as they are motivated to allow the spirits of deceased people to communicate with the living. Ectoplasm is a term Spiritualists use to describe the life energy produced by a physical medium.

Danish Physical Medium Einer Nielsen Produces Ectoplasm, which is Photographed

The photograph provided to the right features the physical medium Einer Nielsen (1894-1965). The white mesh-like material around Nielsen’s neck and draped over his lap is identified as ectoplasm. Academic professors researching Nielsen are seen holding his arms to ensure that Nielson was not using a sleight of hand, or trick, to produce his phenomena. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Leslie Flint’s Childhood and the Emergence of Psychic Gifts

Leslie Flint’s development as a physical medium was not smooth. In his autobiography, Voices in the Dark: My Life as a Medium, Flint, who grew up in poverty in England during World W I, describes how he unexpectedly and naively developed his powers as a physical medium. He tells his story in an extremely humorous fashion. There are not many books that I have read that have made me laugh out loud, but this is one of them.

Let me share an experience that Flint had when he was sitting in the circle of a Spiritualist named Ms. Cook, who had reason to believe that Leslie Flint had the potential to become a world-class medium, though Flint himself found this hard to believe. Ms. Cook told her circle that she was guided by a highly advanced spirit named Shu-Shu, who was once incarnate as a very high priestess in an ancient Egyptian temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis.

After Leslie, at a height of 5 foot and 2 inches, was sitting in Ms. Cook’s circle for over a year, unexpectantly, Ms. Cook herself fell into a trance. Her spirit guide Shu-Shu then spoke through Ms. Cook and said that she would demonstrate a sacred dance ritual that she, Shu-Shu, had performed as a high priestess in ancient Egypt.

The Egyptian Spirit Guide Shu-Shu Performs a Dance through Ms. Cook

In his autobiography, Leslie Flint describes the scene:

“Ms. Cook was far from being a sylph, she was broad in the beam and her bosoms were of Earth Mother proportions.

In trance, this substantial figure rose from her chair and moved to the center of the circle where she began to dance.

She gyrated her hips and weaved her arms, the while chanting what sounded gibberish to me but was acclaimed enthusiastically by the others as ancient Egyptian. The bounteous bosoms flopped alarmingly as the dance grew more energetic, first to one side and then to the other, and the arms kept weaving like tentacles of a busy octopus.

I wanted to look away, I was embarrassed for Ms. Cook, but try as I might my eyes were glued to the spectacle.

I knew it would happen, I tried desperately to stop it, but I started to giggle, at first subdued by sheer will power to a series of choked hiccups, but as the gyrating and weaving and the flopping went on I completely lost control of myself and I laughed and laughed until the tears streamed down my face.

The more shocked and angry the other members of the circle looked, the more I laughed until at last Ms. Cook came out of her trance and with a look which withered me to ashes sat down in her chair again.

Later, when Ms. Cook saw me to the front door to bid me good night it was no surprise to me that she said, quite kindly, under the circumstances, ‘I really think, dear, you are still too young and perhaps too excitable to continue your development at present. It would be best if you didn’t come here again.’ She opened the door and I saw it was raining heavily outside…

But kind, forgiving Mrs. Cook, to soften the blow she had dealt me, put her arms around me with the obvious intention of giving me an affectionate farewell kiss. I was touched by her generosity but, reluctant to be pressed to that bounteous bosom, I stepped aside and with all the gaucherie of my 17 years trod heavily on her foot.

‘Right on my corn, you clumsy oaf!’ she cried in agony, and mumbling apologies I went out into the night in the rain…

I had made my decision. I would give up the whole business of trying to be a medium.”

Leslie Flint’s Parents Abandon Him and Young Leslie Spontaneously Experiences Clairvoyance

Leslie at 4 Years of Age with his Mother and Father

Let us start from the beginning regarding the development of Leslie Flint’s physical mediumship. Flint was born in 1911 in England. His father left the family when he was a young child and his mother, who preferred partying with male companions, left Leslie to live with her mother. As such, Leslie was raised by his maternal grandmother in conditions of poverty.

His first psychic experience occurred when he was 7 years old, during World War I. Leslie was in his grandmother’s kitchen when his aunt walked in crying, sharing that her husband Alf had been killed in the war. Leslie had never met Alf. A soldier accompanied Nell carrying Alf’s possessions. Leslie then saw a second soldier walk in who appeared very sad, who started pulling on Aunt Nell’s sleeve to get her attention, though Nell seemed to be completely unaware of this man. Suddenly, the man completely disappeared. Later, when Nell showed Leslie a photograph of Alf, Leslie recognized him as the sad soldier who was tugging at Nell’s sleeve. When Alf revealed this to Nell and his grandmother, both told Leslie that he was lying. When Leslie persisted in saying this is who he saw, his grandmother gave him a “clout” to punish him for telling untruths.

In another incident, when Leslie came home from school, he heard voices in the kitchen. One voice was that of his grandmother and the other was a woman’s voice who he did not recognize. When Leslie went into the kitchen he saw his grandmother silently sewing and standing by her side was a woman with a large mole on her chin. This woman with the mole then vanished.

When Leslie asked his grandmother what happened to the woman she was talking to, she replied that she had been all alone that afternoon and that Leslie was imagining things. When Leslie mentioned that the woman had a large mole on her chin, his grandmother clouted him again. She then revealed that the woman Leslie was describing was Ms. Pugh, who had been buried a month before. Leslie learned not to talk about vanishing people. The psychic gift of being able to see spirit people is called clairvoyance.

Leslie Flint Enjoys Praise from his Teacher, Mr. Lewis

In his autobiography, Flint admitted that he was a poor student, but one class in which he excelled in was art. His schoolmaster, Mr. Edwin Lewis, recognized Leslie’s talent and encouraged his development as an artist. Mr. Lewis had served in the trenches of World War I where he suffered a poison gas attack that caused lung injury which resulted in him to having a hacking cough for the rest of his life. When he died, Mr. Lewis was given a military funeral.

Leslie becomes a Fan of Silent Movie Star Rudolph Valentino

When Leslie was 12 years old, he found a job doing housework. With the money he earned, he and his grandmother would go to the movies, which Leslie loved. Rudolph Valentino was one of their favorite silent movie stars. In two of Valentino’s most famous movies, The Sheik and The Son of Sheik, he played the part of an Arab. A colorized photograph of Valentino in his sheik costume is provided to the right.

At age 13, when unemployment was high in post-war England, Leslie Flint was fortunate to find a regular job as a groundskeeper in a cemetery. His supervisor, Mr. Hobbs, was a very thin, elderly man who was a know-it-all who Leslie reported wagged his “boney finger” to emphasize the wisdom of his statements.

When Leslie was 15 years old, three important events happened in his life. One was the death of his hero Rudolph Valentino, who died at the age of 31 due to complications from perforated stomach ulcers.

The second incident occurred while Leslie was doing his work chores at the cemetery. Unexpectedly, he found the grave of his dear teacher, Mr. Edwin Lewis. Leslie saw that the grave was neglected, so he trimmed the plants around the headstone and placed flowers on the grave. Later that day, his supervisor was discussing Spiritualists. Mr. Hobbs dismissed Spiritualists, noting that their endeavors were a waste of time. He shared that his own wife was planning to attend a Spiritualist meeting that very night at the Quakers Friends’ Meeting Place. Hobbs told his wife: “Them Spiritualists are after your money, you silly cow!”

Leslie had heard about Spiritualists, but he never had the opportunity encounter any of them. He decided to attend the meeting that night.

At Age 15, Leslie Flint attends his First Spiritualist Meeting, Where Mr. Lewis and Rudolph Valentino sends Him Messages

Ms. Anne Johnson was a well-known trance medium who was the headliner at the gathering. Leslie sat in the back of the room near the door, so that he could quickly escape the Spiritualists if he found the proceedings bizarre.

Ms. Johnson, on the stage, appeared to have fallen asleep in her chair. Leslie was astonished when this sleeping woman stood up and started speaking in a deep male voice. Leslie wondered if Ms. Johnson was a man masquerading as a woman. In actuality, Ms. Johnson was in a trance and she was channeling a deceased man who gave a discourse on Life Eternal.

Next, Ms. Johnson came out of trance and spoke in her own, natural, pleasant feminine voice. She told a woman in the audience that her deceased husband was standing next to her and that he wanted to convey that he no longer had the terrible pain in his chest that occurred just before he passed away. Ms. Johnson gave a detailed description of this woman’s husband, which the woman indicated was accurate.

Next, Ms. Johnson pointed straight to Leslie and said: “I want to speak to the young man in the back row.” Leslie was “petrified” by this and hoped she was referring to some other young man, but looking around, he realized he was the only young man in the vicinity.

Ms. Johnson then told Leslie: “There is a man here who wants to thank you for the flowers you put on his grave this morning. He tells me he was a schoolmaster and his name was Edwin Lewis. Do you understand this?  He was given a military funeral.” Ms. Johnson also gave an accurate physical description of Mr. Lewis.

Ms. Johnson then said that in addition to Mr. Lewis, there was an Arab standing next to Leslie, who, she said, was serving as a spirit guide to Leslie. She added that this spirit guide was not really an Arab, but rather someone who dressed as an Arab.  Ms. Johnson revealed that this Arab fellow wanted Leslie to develop as a medium to be of service to humanity. Ms. Johnson concluded by saying: “In the not too distant future, you will be doing the same kind of work as I am doing and you will become a very famous medium.” This was the third important thing that happened when Leslie was 15 years of age.

Leslie was impressed by Ms. Johnson’s knowledge of his tending to the grave of Mr. Lewis, but he was baffled by her statement that he would become a famous medium, as he was not aware of having psychic gifts, other than the two instances when he saw vanishing people as a child. Still, he became a regular at the Spiritualists meetings. One evening, a woman, who witnessed Ms. Johnson’s proclamation that Leslie was to become a famous medium, asked what he was going to do about it.  Leslie replied: “Nothing, I’m not psychic, so what can I do about it.?”

The woman responded that she hosted a circle, that is seances, at her home. She invited Leslie to join her group. This woman was Ms. Cook, who previously stated that she was guided by the exalted spirit named Shu-Shu, who was described above.

Rudolph Valentino sends a Message to Leslie through an Woman in Germany

That night, after meeting Ms. Cook, Leslie went home to find a letter addressed to him sitting on his grandmother’s kitchen mantelpiece. The letter had a German postage stamp on it. Leslie knew no one in Germany.

Reading the letter, Leslie found that it was from a woman in Munich who had been sitting in a Spiritualist circle for some years. In a recent session, the resident medium said that a spirit was present who identified himself as Rudolph Valentino. This spirit gave the woman Leslie’s name and address in England and asked her to write to Leslie to convey the message that Leslie must develop his mediumship to be of service to mankind. Leslie then realized that it must have been Rudolph Valentino who Ms. Johnson was referring to when describing the spirit who was dressed as an Arab.

Leslie reflected that how could this woman in Germany know his name and address, since he was an unknown, poor boy in post war Britain. In the end, Leslie concluded that the dead could indeed speak through mediums.

Leslie’s Spirit Helpers Upend a Heavy Table to Demonstrate Leslie’s Psychic Powers

This letter strengthened Leslie’s resolve to attend Ms. Cook’s home circle. After he arrived, the six attendees were seated around a large, heavy table. The lights were dimmed and after ten minutes a loud rap was heard from the center of the table. Ms. Cook said the rap meant that the spirits were ready to communicate. The procedure for spirit communication in this circle was done by one member of the circle going through the alphabet and the spirits would rap on the table to indicate when a letter was pronounced that they wanted to use. By doing this repetitively, the spirits could spell their messages.

One message was a question, asking the circle members if they would like to see how much greater the power of the circle had become due to Leslie’s presence. Everyone indicated that they would. Suddenly, the large, heavy table reared up and stood on one end. Leslie couldn’t believe his eyes. The spirits then communicated that they would be working with Leslie to help him develop as a direct voice medium.

Leslie Flint becomes a Famous Direct Voice Medium and is Tested by Researchers

Leslie Flint Demonstrates his Mediumship with Colored Water in his Mouth, Tape Over his Lips and Arms Held

In the end, Leslie Flint became the most famous direct voice medium of all time, giving demonstrations of his mediumship in the largest halls in England. Flint encouraged serious investigators to test his direct voice mediumship. For example, he demonstrated his mediumship with colored water in his mouth and with adhesive tape covering his lips to exclude that the voices he produced came from his own, physical vocal cords. In addition, at the same time, his arms were either tied to a chair or held by associates, to exclude that he was manipulating any type of device.

Further, an infrared telescope or sensor was used by investigators to observe Flint while he was producing the direct voice phenomenon. Infrared radiation is produced by heat or energy sources. The infrared telescope showed the energetic or ectoplasmic voice box that spirits use to communicate. It was about two feet above and slightly to the left of Leslie’s head. This corresponds to Flint’s own perception of where the ectoplasmic voice box is located during his mediumship. Click on the images of researchers testing Flint to enlarge them.

At 60 years of age, Leslie Flint reflected that after 35 years of direct voice mediumship, he still did not understand how this phenomenon occurred. Some insight was provided during a mediumship session by a spirit who identified himself as the deceased French Physiology Professor Charles Richet, who served as the President of the Society for Psychical Research in London starting in 1905. Richet stated:

“Every living being has a substance known as ectoplasm which is a life force, and a physical medium has a great deal more of it than most people. During a séance this substance, which is sometimes referred to as the ‘power’ is drawn from the medium and fashioned by spirits who understand such matters into a replica of the physical vocal organs which is known as the ‘voice box’ or sometimes the ‘mask.’ The communicating spirit then concentrates his or her thoughts into this voice box and creates a frequency or vibration which reaches the sitters on Earth as objective sound.”

Leslie Flint Demonstrates his Mediumship while Scientists Observe the Ectoplasmic Voice Box Above his Head Using an Infrared Sensor

Professor Richet also pointed out that the communicating spirit must lower his or her own frequency to the lower one of the Earth and remember what his voice sounded like during its lifetime and recapture memories of happenings which will give proof of his or her identity to the person with whom the spirit wishes to communicate. If the communicating spirit is successful, the voice will sound like the voice it had while it was living on earth.

Light Interferes with the Use of Ectoplasm, hence Voices in the Dark

Most physical mediums must be in dark room for their mediumship to manifest. For reasons that are unclear, bright light interferes with the use of the medium’s life energy or ectoplasm. Perhaps darkness allows spirit beings to more easily perceive and thus use ectoplasm. This is why Flint’s autobiography is entitled, Voices in the Dark.

First Hand Descriptions of Heaven or the Afterlife

500 tape recordings were made of Leslie Flint’s direct voice mediumship in which deceased relatives spoke to their living loved ones in their own, recognizable voices. In addition to sharing memories with their living loved ones, these spirits also described, in detail, what their life in the spirit world is like. These tapes were reviewed by Neville Randall, who compiled descriptions of the spirit realms in his book Life After Death. These accounts are the most vivid descriptions of the spirit world that I have encountered and will be shared in subsequent articles.

Rudolph Valentino as a  Past Life of John Travolta

By the way, in my work with Kevin Ryerson, it has been affirmed that Rudolph Valentino has reincarnated as the actor John Travolta. To learn more, please go to:

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