The Reincarnation Case of Julius Caesar | Vladimir Putin: A Past Life Explanation for Donald Trump’s Affinity for Vladimir Putin


Proposed by and Affirmed by: Spirit Being Ahtun Re in a Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Research Session

Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD

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After the Donald Trump | Vladimir Putin summit in Helsinki, Finland, which took place on July 16, 2018, people in the United States have been wondering why Donald Trump is so friendly and respectful to Vladimir Putin, while Trump has been widely critical of leaders of traditional United States allies.

I myself found this perplexing, so in a session with Kevin Ryerson, who channels a spirit guide named Ahtun Re who has demonstrated the ability to make past life matches with a high degree of accuracy, I asked if there is a past life relationship between Trump and Putin that would explain their mutual admiration.

Vladimir Putin as the Reincarnation of Julius Caesar

Very much to my surprise, Ahtun Re told me that both Trump and Putin were Roman Emperors. Previously, Ahtun Re had affirmed that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of the Roman Emperor Nero. This made sense to me as both Nero and Trump have been characterized as being narcissistic individuals, who used their ability to manage major construction projects to enhance their impact on society. There is also a physical resemblance between Nero and Trump. Click on images to enlarge them.

I was shocked when Ahtun Re told me that the reason that Trump and Putin have affinity is that they both were Roman Emperors. I asked Ahtun Re what he meant. Ahtun Re told me that Putin was Julius Caesar, which I found incredible. I never made that association on my own. Ahtun Re also told me that I would see that the facial features of Julius Caesar and Putin would vividly correspond.

After that session, I found that a bust of Julius Caesar that did resemble Putin. To create image comparisons, I searched the Internet for images of Putin that I could use to demonstrate this resemblance. To my surprise, I found that someone else had already created an image comparison that I didn’t think I could improve on, which is provided below. I don’t know who created this image comparison, but I do seek their permission to use this image.

Julius Caesar was born in 100 BC and died in 44 BC, when he was assassinated. Caesar was very successful as a Roman military general. He later formed political alliances that dominated Roman politics for a generation, much like Putin has done in Russia. Caesar was the most famous Roman Emperor during the era of Jesus of Nazareth. If Jesus was born in what we now consider 0 AD and  crucified in 33 AD, that means that Caesar died 44 years before Jesus was born.  Julius Caesar was the most influential Roman Emperor of the era that Jesus lived in. That is why, when he was brought to trial, Jesus said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” Matthew 22:21

Nero, whose full name was Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, was born in 37 AD, just a few years after Jesus had died in 33 AD and 81 years after the death of Julius Caesar. Ahtun Re told me that Nero venerated Julius Caesar and he hoped to equal his hero in building Rome to new heights, much as Donald Trump has built a real estate empire. This emotional connection between Julius Caesar and Nero is the basis of Trump’s affinity to Vladimir Putin.

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Principles of Reincarnation-Understanding Past Lives

Physical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases: There are strong physical resemblances between Nero | Donald Trump and Julius Caesar | Vladimir Putin.

Past Life Talent: Both Putin and Trump have become world leaders, much like Julius Caesar and Nero.

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation: Nero idolized Julius Caesar and in contemporary times, Donald Trump has revered the power of Vladimir Putin, in accord with how Time magazine recently declared Putin as the most powerful man on our planet. In contemporary times, Nero and Julius Caesar have had a chance to meet.

Change in Nationality and Religion: Both Julius Caesar and Nero, who lived in what is now modern-day Italy, would have had to profess belief in the ancient Roman pagan gods, such as Zeus. Both

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, in contemporary times, profess an allegiance to Christianity.  Trump is a proud citizen of the United States and Vladimir Putin is the proud leader of the Russian Federation.

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