Reincarnation Case of Mithilesh Singh | Rajani Singh Past Life Case Involving Suicide, Same Family Incarnation, Reincarnation Birthmarks & Physical Resemblance


How Case Derived: Past Life Memories in Childhood

Researcher: Satwant Pasricha, PhD, Associate of Ian Stevenson, MD

From: Can the Mind Survive Beyond Death? Volume 2: Reincarnation and Other Anomalous Experiences, by Satwant Pasricha, PhD

Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD

The Life of Mithilesh Singh

5 Reincarnation Suicide Case Taj MahalMithilesh Singh was born in Agra, India, the home of the Taj Mahal. in the year 1975. Her mother’s name was Rajwati Devi Singh and her father, who was employed in a government job, was Navratan Singh. Mithilesh had 3 siblings, including a younger sister, Meena, who Mithilesh was very close to. Mithilesh was also very fond of a maternal aunt, whose name was Ganga Bai.

Of the family’s children, Mithilesh was the only one who did not do well at school. To help her pass her high school final examinations, her parents sent her to live with a family member, Virender Singh, who was an older cousin to Mithilesh living in Bhalaul, India. The plan was that a family member in Bhalaul, who worked as a teacher at a local college, would serve as a tutor for Mithilesh. Virender was married to a woman name Bimla. Virender’s mother, Shakuntala, who had a very domineering personality, was also in the household.

Mithilesh Falls in Love with a Boy of a Lower Caste

Mithilesh was not happy living with Virender’s family in Bhalaul. She was afraid of Shakuntala and felt sorry for Bimla, who had to put up with her difficult mother-in-law. Mithilesh became very fond of Bimla.

Ironically, Mithilesh herself was known to be very headstrong and stubborn. A serious problem arose when Mithilesh became romantically involved with a boy in Bhalaul, who her family disapproved of due to his being in a lower caste. Mithilesh became depressed about her situation.

Mithilesh Commits Suicide

5 Reincarnation Suicide Case A Blazing FireRajwati Devi, Mithilesh’s mother, and, Ganga Bai, her aunt, came to visit her in Bhalaul in early October 1991. After the three returned from a ride in a pony cart, Mithilesh poured kerosene on her head and ignited the fluid, setting herself on fire. Mithilesh then ran to Bimla for assistance. Bimla was pregnant at the time and was terrified at the sight of Mithilesh running at her ablaze. Bimla, protecting herself, pushed Mithilesh away.

The family eventually extinguished the flames and took Mithilesh to the nearest health center, where she died. Her burns were most extensive on her head, but almost her entire body was affected, with only her waist and feet being spared. The date of Mithilesh’s death was October 6, 1991. She was 16 years old when she died.

Spiritual Communication: Rajwati Devi has a Reincarnation Announcing Dream

Within a month of Mithilesh’s suicide, her mother, Rajwati Devi, had a dream that Mithilesh would be returning to their family. On November 16, 1991, about 5 weeks after Mithilesh’s death, Bimla Singh delivered a baby girl, who Virender and Bimla, named Rajani.

Reincarnation Birthmarks of Rajani Singh

A few days after Rajani was born, her mother and paternal grandmother noticed red marks on her head. Within a month of being born, they noticed red marks on the rest of Rajani’s body, though the marks on her head were most prominent. At this point Rajwati Devi Singh, the mother of Mithilesh, came to see Rajani. Given the red marks on the body and her dream that Mithilesh would be returning to their family, Rajwati Devi suspected that Rajani was the reincarnation of Mithilesh.

When she learned to talk, Rajani asked to see Meena, the younger sister of Mithilesh. In contrast, she was instinctively afraid of Shakuntala, as was Mithilesh.

Past Life Memories: Rajani Insists She is Mithilesh & Reclaims her Past Life Parents

When Rajani was 4 years old, in November 1995, she was taken to the home of Navratan and Rajwati Devi Singh. Rajani demonstrated familiarity with the place and with Mithilesh’s family members. In particular, Rajani showed affection for Ganga Bai, Mithilesh’s favorite aunt.

Rajani at times insisted that she be called Mithilesh and she stated that her father was Navratan and that her mother was Rajwati Devi. She addressed the couple, who were the parents of Mithilesh, as “papa” and “mummy.”

Past Life Physical Resemblance & Similar Personality Traits

It was noted that there was a similarity in facial features between Mithilesh and Rajani, including large eyes. Personality traits were also consistent, as Rajani was stubborn and would get upset if she did not get her way, much like Mithilesh.

Dr. Pasricha studied this case from December 1992 through December 1995, directly observing the birthmarks Rajani had, including an area on the right side of her head which was without hair and lighter in color that the rest of her skin. Dr. Pasricha also noted red areas present on Rajani’s shoulders and back. The other red marks on Rajani’s body that were present just after she was born had faded by 1995.

Principles of Reincarnation & Understanding Past Lives

Parallel Lives or Split ReincarnationPhysical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases: It was noted that Mishilesh and Rajani had similar facial features, including large eyes. Though physical resemblance is noted in reincarnation cases, since Rajana reincarnated to relatives of Mishilesh, genetic factors may also have contributed to their similarity in appearance.

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation: Mishilesh was fond of her relative Bimla Singh and reincarnated as Bimla’s daughter, Rajani, indicating that the soul can plan incarnations.

Reincarnation Birthmarks: Shortly after her birth, Rajani demonstrated birthmarks that appear to reflect burn scars incurred on the body of Mishilesh.

Split Incarnation: Rajani was born only 5 weeks after Mishilesh died. If the soul is involved in the developed of the fetus, then the soul of Mishilesh also inhabited Rajani as a fetus for about 8 months of her gestation. I do believe that the soul is involved in the development of the fetus, as similarity in physical appearance is observed in reincarnation cases, which would occur through the influence of the soul. The way the soul can shape physical appearance is discussed in the section: Principles of Reincarnation

Reincarnation and Suicide: Mishilesh committed suicide, but reincarnated into the same family, indicating that suicide does not end the progression of the soul. It is likely that Mishilesh incurred karma from the grief she caused others due to her suicide, which will need to be worked out in subsequent incarnations. In addition, Rajani will need to face similar situations as Mishilesh did, but hopefully Rajani will not act out in the same way. For a more detailed discussion on implications of suicide, please go to: Suicide Reincarnation Case of Ruprecht Schultz

Why would the soul of Mishilesh inhabit a second body while Mishilesh was still alive? It is possible that Mishilesh’s soul anticipated the problems associated with her personality and the possibility that her life would be short. As such, Mishilesh’s soul took the opportunity to have another incarnation with Bimla as the mother, who Mishilesh was fond of.


Pasricha, Satwant, Can the Mind Survive Beyond Death? Volume 2: Reincarnation and Other Anomalous Experiences, Harman Publishing House, New Delhi, 2008, pages 294-298