Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives-Introduction


Article by Walter Semkiw, MD

Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives Defined

Parallel Lives or Split ReincarnationIndependently researched reincarnation cases, including many studied by Ian Stevenson, MD, demonstrate that a soul may animate more than one physical body at a time. Ian Stevenson called reincarnation cases in whIch lifetimes overlap as “cases with anomalous dates.”

I term this phenomenon as “split incarnation.”  I refer to two people who derive from the same soul, who are incarnate at the same time, as “splits”.  “Parallel lives” is an older term that has been used to describe the phenomenon of splits incarnated at the same time. I coined the term “split” in the year 2000.

A variant of split incarnation is when a person is alive and at the same time, that person’s soul has animated a fetus which will be born in the future. In this case, a person and that person’s fetus for an upcoming incarnation exist at the same time.

How does split incarnation work? Though we don’t know for sure, we can imagine split incarnation as similar to how a mirror can split a beam of light into two or more beams of light.  Similarly, the soul can project more than one beam of light or energy template into physical incarnation at a time.

We can imagine two splits as two arms of a human being.  Each arm has its separate existence, yet both arms are controlled by one brain or mind.  In split incarnation, we can see two splits as two appendages of the soul.  How many splits can a soul project onto the physical world at a time?  As is discussed in the section, Soul Evolution, it is believed that the maximum number is about seven, though having this number of splits at the same time is rare.

Reincarnation Cases with Split Incarnation

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