Soul Guidance, Spiritual Communication and Spirit Beings in Reincarnation Cases-Introduction


Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD

In some reincarnation cases, past life information has been directly obtained through spiritual or telepathic communication. Intuitions can be seen as a form of spiritual communication.

In addition, spirit being intervention can be observed in the bringing reincarnation information to light, such as by leading a person to a physical location where past life information is revealed. At a past life location, an individual may find evidence of past lives or they can experience geographic memories, such as past life memories or emotions related to that location.

Ghosts can even appear to convey past life information, as depicted in the diagram to the right.

Spirit beings can also communicate with humans through dreams. Souls can predict or announce their next incarnation through in this way, which Ian Stevenson, MD, termed “announcing dreams.” In this case the soul who is planning to incarnate presents a dream to a family member, usually the future mother, and communicates its intention to be born within that family. Announcing dreams occurred in 22% of Stevenson’s reincarnation cases.

Spirit beings can also create symbolic messages by orchestrating meaningful coincidences, which Carl Jung called synchronicities or synchronistic events.

A most dramatic example of spirit being intervention involves the movement of a book, which shed light on a past life. Psychokinesis is the term used to describe movement of physical objects by spiritual forces. Psychokinesis is observed in the Reincarnation Case of Louise Vanderbilt | Wayne Peterson.

The symbol for reincarnation with spirit being guidance is a person surrounded by two circles, which represent spirit beings or the person’s own soul, transmitting past life information or clues to a past life.

Reincarnation Cases with Soul or Spirit Being Guidance

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