Marianne Williamson’s Presidential Campaign and Her Past Life as Abigail Adams, with Reincarnation Cases Involving Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra and John Hagelin


Marianne Williamson presidential campaignRevealed or Affirmed by: Spirit Guide or Spirit Being Ahtun Re through Kevin Ryerson

Cases Researched by: Walter Semkiw, MD

Article by Walter Semkiw, MD

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Past Lives of Marianne Williamson & John Hagelin in the American Revolution

In my reincarnation research, before I met Kevin Ryerson, I had hypothesized that the best selling author, Marianne Williamson, and physicist John Hagelin, were part of the Revolutionary group in Boston. Hagelin had run for US President in 2000 under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Natural Law Party. Ahtun Re later confirmed these matches, which were part of the 60 pairings that I had reviewed with him during our first few sessions. They were Boston revolutionaries that were close to John Adams. These two cases are described in detail in Return of the Revolutionaries.

Past Life Writing Style of Marianne Williamson

I had hypothesized the match between Abigail Adams and Marianne Williamson based on similarities in writing style, before I ever saw an image of Marianne. In my reading of American history during the Revolution, I became very familiar with the letters written between John and Abigail. When a friend suggested that I read a book written by Marianne, I was surprised to find she has the same linguistic style, the same writing voice, as Abigail Adams. A linguistic analysis performed in the reincarnation case of John B. Gordon | Jeff Keene shows that writing style can remain the same from one lifetime to another.

I later learned that Marianne’s personal hero is none other than Abigail Adams. Synchronistic events led us to meet for the first time on Valentine’s Day, in 2001, before I had my first session with Kevin. At that time, Marianne agreed to be included in Return of the Revolutionaries as the reincarnation of Abigail. After I stated work with Kevin Ryerson in October 2001, Marianne Williamson was affirmed by Ahtun Re to be the reincarnation of Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams.

John Hagelin, of Maharishi University & TM Movement, as Reincarnation of James Otis

I also had hypothesized that John Hagelin was the reincarnation of James Otis, Jr, a Boston lawyer who was considered to be a genius, who helped spark the revolutionary movement by taking the British to court regarding the Writs of Assistance, an illegal search and seizure law. Hagelin also agreed to be in my Revolutionaries book as Otis before I met Kevin, although Ahtun Re also affirmed the match after I started work with Ryerson.

John Hagelin | James Otis Reincarnation-Past Life Case

5iisisjamesotisjohnhagelinreincarnationNeale Donald Walsch, author of the best selling spiritual series, Conversations with God, has been close to both Williamson and Hagelin. Walsh and Williamson both supported Hagelin’s presidential bid in 2000 and Williamson and Walsch together founded the Global Renaissance Alliance. As such, I wondered if Neale was in Boston during the American Revolution also, though I had no idea of who he could have been.

Spirit Guide or Spirit Being Ahtun Re Reveals a Past Life Identity for Neale Donald Walsch

In a session with Kevin Ryerson, Ahtun Re told me that Walsch was indeed a minister in Boston who was good friends with John and Abigail Adams, and that he was also an associate of John Hagelin in those times. I asked Ahtun Re what Neale’s name was in that era. Ahtun Re told me that Neale was known as Reverend Walter and that he was a Boston minister and Freemason, who also supported Anglican causes.

Reverend Walter was in no history book that I could find, but I was able to locate him through the New England Genealogical and Historical Society (NEGHS), which is located in Boston. A search of the diaries of John Adams done by the NEGHS revealed only one minister known to the Adamses by the name of Rev. Walter. That minister was William Walter, born on October 7, 1737. Walter received his license as a minister in England, by the Bishop of London. As such, Rev. Walter was an Anglican minister, as Ahtun Re had said. Rev. Walter then returned to Boston and was inducted into the ministry in July 1764, at Trinity Church. On April 4, 1768, Rev. Walter was chosen to be Rector of Trinity Church. A biography from Harvard College was available that confirmed that Rev. Walter was also a Freemason, as Ahtun Re had noted.

Spirit Guide Ahtun Re’s Past LIfe Information for Neale Donald Walsch is confirmed by Researcher at New England Genealogical & Historical Society

5iisiswalternealedonaldwalschreincarnation-An entry from John Adams’s diary regarding Reverend William Walter, made on May 24, 1773, is provided below. This entry mentions two other men, Colonel and Major Otis, who were father and son. The son, Major Otis, refers to James Otis, who in contemporary times has been identified as John Hagelin. Let us now turn to the notes of John Adams. The term “parson,” used by Adams, is the equivalent of “reverend.” I have placed the contemporary identities of the players involved in brackets, for clarity. John Adams wrote:

“Spent this Evening at Wheelwrights, with Parson Williams of Sandwich. . . . Williams took up the whole Evening with Stories about Coll. Otis and his Son the Major [John Hagelin]. The Major [John Hagelin] employed . . . Parson Walter [Neale Donald Walsch] to represent him to the Governor as a Friend to Government, in order to get the Commission of Lieutenant Colonel.

The Major [John Hagelin] has Liberty written over his Manufactory House. . . . Col Otis reads to large Circles of the common People, Allens Oration on the beauties of Liberty and recommends it as an excellent Production.” (1)

Note that Major James Otis | John Hagelin asked Parson Walter | Neale Donald Walsch for assistance in obtaining a higher military rank within the Royal British government. Keep in mind that this event took place prior to the American Revolution and that many patriot leaders served in leadership roles within the British system before independence was declared. Clergy and ministers were leaders of the community and as such, Reverend William Walter | Neale Donald Walsch was in a position to assist James Otis | John Hagelin in procuring greater influence within the government.

Past Life Relationships Renewed in Reincarnation Cases of Neale Donald Walsch & John Hagelin

5iisiswalternealedonaldwalschreincarnation-Note too that this situation is parallel to contemporary circumstances involving Hagelin and Walsch. As part of his 2000 presidential campaign, Hagelin tapped Walsch for fundraising help, just as Otis tapped Reverend Walter in his campaign to procure the rank of lieutenant colonel. So here we have established, if the proposed past-life identities are valid, a Revolutionary karmic connection between John Hagelin and Neale Donald Walsch.

Reverend Walter tried to maintain a neutral stance between the Loyalists and Revolutionaries within his congregation. As such, Reverend Walter remained in the good graces of Patriots and Loyalists alike until an unfortunate incident occurred. In February 1776, just as Paine’s Common Sense was making a splash, Reverend Walter was accused of trying to spread smallpox within the Patriot army. A vaccine for smallpox had recently been invented, but there was great controversy as to whether the vaccine did more harm than good. People who were inoculated could spread the disease to others for a period of time, so the vaccinated had to go into temporary quarantine.

The incident in question involves a small boy who accused Reverend Walter of forcing inoculation on him. The boy claimed that Reverend Walter then instructed him to go to a Patriot army base where the boy came down with the pox. This placed the Patriot army in danger of contracting the disease. Though it is difficult to imagine that this account was accurate, certain Bostonians apparently accepted the story and accused Rev. Walter of trying to spread smallpox within the Patriot armed forces. They branded him a Loyalist and traitor. As a result, Rev. Walter’s house was ransacked and he was forced to take refuge in England in 1776.

Replication of Past Life Behavior in Reincarnation Case of Neale Donald Walsch: Prison Ministries

In the spring of 1777, Walter returned to New York while the Revolutionary War was on, and was appointed as a chaplain to Britain’s Third Battalion. In this capacity, Reverend Walter tended to Patriot prisoners of war. A biographer wrote that Walter’s “kindness to the American prisoners was famous.” (2) This service to the Patriot prisoners is consistent with Ahtun Re’s statement that Walsch gave shelter or assistance to revolutionaries.

It is also interesting that Reverend Walter attended to a prison population, as Neale Donald Walsch has created a special program to provide books to contemporary prison inmates. As such, William Walter and Neale Donald Walsch both have a common history of serving prison populations.

Past Life Relationships: Neale Donald Walsch Visits Abigail Adams

5IISISAbigailAdams60MarianneWilliamsonReincarnationIn December of 1783, Reverend Walter returned to England and in July 1784 he called upon Abigail Adams to welcome her to London. Abigail had just arrived to join her husband John, who was serving as the American minister to England. This visit acknowledges a karmic connection between William Walter | Neale Donald Walsch and Abigail Adams | Marianne Williamson in the Revolutionary era. As noted previously, in contemporary times, Marianne Williamson has founded the Global Renaissance Alliance with Walsch cited as a co-founder.

Spirit Guide Ahtun Re’s Past Life Information Confirmed: Reverend Walter is an Anglican & Freemason

In July and August 1787, Reverend Walter was back in Boston and was invited to preach in the Anglican Church, which derived from the Church of England. Prior to his exile in England, Walter was known to support the establishment of an Anglican bishop in America, which caused consternation among independent-minded Americans. This association with Anglican churches and the calling for an Anglican bishop are consistent with Ahtun Re’s statement that Walsch, in his Revolutionary lifetime, supported Anglican causes.

It is also documented that Reverend Walter was a Freemason and spoke at Masonic events. An observer wrote: “Dr. Walter was an ardent Mason because he saw the function of that organization to be to further love of mankind.” (3) This statement is consistent with Ahtun Re’s other proclamation that Walsch, in the Revolutionary era, was a Freemason.

As the years went on after his return from England, the people of Boston reaccepted Reverend Walter and eventually, he was made Rector of Christ Church in Boston. Reverend Walter also frequently preached at Christ Church in Cambridge. He died on December 5, 1800 and was buried with Masonic honors in a family tomb under Christ Church. A memorial window was erected in Trinity Church in honor of William Walter. Reverend Walter was survived by seven children.

Consistent Past Life Personality Traits in Neale Donald Walsch Reincarnation Case

5iisisjamesotisjohnhagelinreincarnationIn addition to historical details that match Ahtun Re’s description of Walsch in the Revolutionary era and the existence of karmic ties to Abigail Adams | Marianne Williamson and James Otis | John Hagelin, common personality and character traits can be noted between Reverend Walter and Neale Donald Walsch.

For example, I have been told that Walsch is congenial in public and that he likes to dress well. Walsch himself has publicly joked about his vanity. At fundraising events held for John Hagelin, Walsch has told the story that when he was growing up one of his greatest concerns was his “hair” and how it was styled. This is consistent with how the ladies of Boston remembered Reverend Walter. One of these ladies remarked:

“Dr. Walter was a remarkably handsome man, tall and well proportioned. When in the street, he wore a long blue cloth cloak over his cassock and gown; a full-bottomed wig, dressed and powdered; a three-cornered hat; knee breeches of fine black cloth, with black silk hose; and square quartered shoes, with silver buckles. (4)

Walsch, I understand, is also fond of fine footwear. Walsch is also a former actor and radio personality. These roles are consistent with statements made regarding Reverend Walter: “His whole attention is given to dress, balls, assemblies, and plays;” (5) “his voice was clear, musical and well modulated.” (6)

Past Life Personality Traits: Walter & Walsch are Metaphysicians

Another common feature between Reverend Walter and Walsch is that both have produced spiritual and metaphysical works that have enjoyed great popularity. Walsch, of course, has written the Conversations with God series, which has sold in the millions. Reverend Walter, in like fashion, produced sermons of great popularity that had a metaphysical quality. The following quotes regarding Reverend Walter illustrate these points. “The popularity of the young man’s preaching was amazing.” (8) Of a sermon made by Walter, a listener wrote, “metaphysical but well pickt and adapted to the present season.” (9)

Past Life Behavior: Walter & Walsch have a Common Interest in ET’s

5iisiswalternealedonaldwalschreincarnation-What is most striking is that Reverend Walter in the eighteenth gave sermons that involved references to extraterrestrial beings. This subject matter is consistent with material in Conversations with God, Book 3 where Walsch writes about “highly evolved beings,” who are extraterrestrials (ETs) from other planets. Walsh writes that these highly evolved beings are benevolent and more advanced than humans on the evolutionary scale. Let us now reflect on the words of Reverend William Walter, written in the eighteenth century, as he describes God creating the universe, with planets populated with life forms, and endowed with varying degrees of intelligence.

“He speaks, and behold! those Suns which appear so magnificent in the great Concave, instantly exist; Suns which the Eye of an Herschel or a Newton . . . is unable to number: He commands, and behold! those Suns are surrounded with Planets, and their concomitant Satellites, prepared with all the Accommodations for embodied Spirits. It is not improbable that the Inhabitants of those countless Worlds which roll incessantly around their central fires, forming Systems beyond Systems, are endued with different Degrees of Intellect, and different Modes of attaining that Happiness for which they were made.” (10)

So Reverend William Walter speaks of beings living on other planets, each with their own ways of attaining happiness. This is consistent with Walsch’s message about intelligent ETs evolving in their own manner.

Reincarnation Case of Joseph Warren MD | Deepak Chopra MD

 Reincarnation Case Study Joseph Warren and Deepak Chopra comparison imageThere is one additional member of this cohort who were leaders in Boston during the American Revolution. Joseph Warren was a medical doctor and soldier who died in the Battle of Bunker Hill. Dr Warren was a dear friend of John and Abigail Adams and Warren’s portrait still hangs in the Adam’s home, now a historical site. Ahtun Re revealed that Deepak Chopra is the reincarnation of Joseph Warren.

If this is true, then Boston friends from the American Revolution, Rev. William Walter | Neale Donald Walsch, Abigail Adams | Marianne Williamson and Joseph Warren | Deepak Chopra have reunited as leaders of contemporary spirituality, who have shared venues together. Walsch, Williamson and Chopra all supported the US Presidential bid of James Otis | John Hagelin, so they also have had a hand in contemporary politics and political reform.

Please note: The Deepak Chopra case was not published in Return of the Revolutionaries and as such, Neale Donald Walsch has not reviewed this particular case.)

Another Past Life for Neale Donald Walsch as Andrew Jackson Davis

As noted above, I made the hypothesis that Marianne Williamson is the reincarnation of Abigail Adams based on common linguistic writing style. A linguistic analysis in the John B. Gordon | Jeff Keene Reincarnation Case supports that linguistic writing style can remain consistent from one lifetime to another.

A second past life match for Neale Donald Walsch was made in a similar manner. I was researching a past lifetime for Mark Thurston, a leader of Edgar Cayce’s ARE. Ahtun Re told me that Mark served as a secretary to the famous 18th century medium, Andrew Jackson Davis. I thought the best way to pursue this case was to read books Davis had written to see if I would find clues regarding his secretary.

5 Andrew Jackson Davis Neale Donald WalschI ordered two of Davis’s books through the Internet. I started reading and after studying 5 pages, I had the same experience as I did when I was reading Marianne Williamson’s book. It was as if a hammer hit me over the head with the realization that I have encountered this writing style before. It took me a few few minutes before I realized where I have read this author before. It then dawned on me that Davis had the same linguistic writing style, the same linguistic voice, as is found in Conversations With God, the best selling trilogy written by Neale Donald Walsch.

There was no image of Andrew Jackson Davis in the books that I had purchased, but I soon found portraits and realized there is an uncanny resemblance between Davis and Walsch. In a subsequent session with Kevin Ryerson, Ahtun Re confirmed that Neale Donald Walsch is the reincarnation of Andrew Jackson Davis.

Replication of Past Life Talent in Andrew Jackson Davis | Neale Donald Walsch Reincarnation Case

If this case is accepted, then Neale Donald Walsch very directly replicated the talent of Andrew Jackson Davis in writing influential spiritual books using gifts of clairvoyance and channeling.

Conclusion & Neale Donald Walsch’s Support of Reincarnation Cases

In sum, the information that Ahtun Re provided regarding the past-life identity of Neale Donald Walsch appears to be fulfilled in the persona of Reverend William Walter. Given the difficulty involved in obtaining information on and the portrait of Reverend William Walter, this case impressed me as providing evidence that Ahtun Re can provide accurate past life information and matches.

Recall that this case was researched in 2001, long before search engines such as Google were available. I reasoned that if took so much work to locate Reverend Walter in history, there was no way that Kevin Ryerson, the human being, could know about Reverend Walter. I concluded that information was coming from a spiritual being, Ahtun Re, who had access to some universal fund of knowledge. This motivated me to continue working with Kevin Ryerson for years to come.

It is significant to note that Neale Donald Walsch supports his past life match as Reverend Walter, as well as the other reincarnation cases posted on this page. If these cases are accepted, they demonstrate the following principles of reincarnation.

Principles of Reincarnation & Understanding Past Lives

Physical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases: William Walter and Neale Donald Walsch have corresponding facial architecture and the similarity in facial features between Neale Donald Walsch and Andrew Jackson Davis is uncanny. There are also strong physical resemblances between Abigail Adams & Marianne Williamson and James Otis & John Hagelin. A similarity in appearance between Joseph Warren and Deepak Chopra can be appreciated, though it is not as strong as in the other cases.

Past Life Talent: Reverend Walter and Neale Donald Walsch have both demonstrated traits of charismatic prophets. Walsch very closely replicated the abilities of Andrew Jackson Davis in writing Conversations with God.

Abigail Adams is one of the few female heroes of the American Revolution and she contributed to our understanding of the history of American Revolution through her prolific letter writing. Marianne Williamson has become one of the best selling authors of our time. Further correspondences are detailed in Return of the Revolutionaries.

James Otis was an American political revolutionary and John Hagelin ran for US President in 2000, supported by his past life friends, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra.

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation: Soul group connections between American Revolutionary colleagues and friends from Boston have been renewed between William Walter | Neale Donald Walsch, James Otis | John Hagelin, Abigail Adams | Marianne Williamson and Joseph Warren | Deepak Chopra. Ahtun Re has also identified Nancy, Neale’s wife, as Lydia Lynde, Reverend Walter’s wife.