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How Derived: Past Life Memories in Childhood

From: The Boy Who Knew Too Much, by Cathy Byrd-Video Provided Below

Article by Walter Semkiw, MD

Lou Gehrig, born in 1903, is one of the most famous baseball players in history, not only for his talent, but due to his death from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a neuromuscular disorder now widely known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Gehrig died on June 2, 1941 at the age of 37.

Christian Haupt, the son of Michael Haupt and Cathy Byrd, was born in 2009. According to his mother, Cathy, ever since he was 2 years of age, Christian has been obsessed with baseball and at that age insisted on wearing a baseball uniform, including shoes with cleats, everywhere he went.

Christian was not interested in anything else and would not engage in any other play except baseball. Since the time he could walk, Cathy relates that he carried a small wooden baseball bat.  None of this made sense as no one in the family was interested in baseball. Michael, Christian’s father, grew up in Germany where baseball is not played, so he was not the source of his son’s enthusiasm.

Past Life Memories of being a Tall Baseball Player and drinking Alcohol

Since he was could talk, Christian insisted that he was a “tall baseball player.” 1

After Cathy placed a video on YouTube of Christian playing baseball, the video went viral and caught the attention of Adam Sandler, who was in the process of filming his baseball themed movie, That’s my Boy, which came out in 2016. Adam liked the video so much he invited Christian to do a cameo role in his movie, which was being filmed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The offer was accepted and Cathy and Christian flew to Boston on their way to cape Cod. When they were settling into their seats on the airliner, Christian made an unusual statement:

“When I was big, I didn’t wear seatbelts, and I drank alcohol,” which caused surrounding passengers to break into laughter.  2

Past Life Emotions: Christian doesn’t like Babe Ruth

Following the movie shoot, Cathy took Christian to a baseball game at Boston’s Fenway park. There, Christian saw a large portrait of Babe Ruth. In response, Christian made another unusual statement:

“I do not like him. He was mean to me!” Cathy questioned him, “Babe Ruth was mean to you?”  Christian in an agitated state said, “yes!” Christian continued to be very agitated, to the point that they had to leave the ballpark after only two innings.  3

Christian insists He had a Past Life

Back home in the Los Angeles area, Christian repeated:

“Mommy, I used to be a tall baseball player.”  Cathy corrected him by saying, “Yes, you will be a tall baseball player someday.” Christian got upset at the use of future tense and repeated, “No, I was a tall baseball player-tall like daddy!”

“You were a grown-up? Like Daddy? Christian responded with a definitive: “Yes!” 4

Further, Christian told his sister that when he was a tall baseball player, he injured his knee and had to take time off from playing. 5

At this point, reincarnation came into Cathy’s mind as an explanation of her son’s statements, but this idea went against her Christian beliefs.  As more evidence of Christian having a past life emerged, Cathy shared that her struggle with her preexisting belief system was so great she felt she was “cheating on Jesus.”

This struggle also occurred with Bruce Leininger as he investigated the past life memories of his son, which is described in the: Reincarnation Case of James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger

Past Life Memories: Christian knows of Conditions of the Early 1900’s

At another point, Christian said, “Mommy…when I was a kid before, there was a fire in my house,” further explaining, “There was real fire—in the lights!”  Kathy realized he was talking about fire used for lighting fueled by natural gas, something he had not learned about by normal means. 6

Continuing, Christian said, “When I was a tall baseball player—tall like daddy—I used to stay in hotels almost every night”

Cathy asked, “Did you fly on airplanes?”

“No, mostly trains,” Christian responded. 7

Further, he said, “We played our games during the day because there were no lights on the field in the olden days.”  8

On another night, one night before going to sleep Christian, said:

“In the old days, we wore metal cleats but no batting helmets.” Cathy found this too was true, as she found batting helmets were not introduced until the mid-1950s. 9

Christian identifies himself as Lou Gehrig in a Past Lifetime

Christian continued to have an intense dislike for Babe Ruth. In an attempt to identify who Christian could have been, if indeed he was describing a past life, Cathy put together photos of baseball teams from Babe Ruth’s era.

Cathy pulled out a black and white photo of the 1927 Yankees team and Christian pointed to Babe Ruth and said, “There is dumb Babe Ruth.” Cathy then asked:

“Do you think there any players on this team who don’t like Babe Ruth?” From the 30 players or so that Christian had to choose from, he selected one player and said “Him!” Kathy then asked “Do you know him?” Christian replied “That’s me.”  10

Cathy pulled out additional pictures of the Yankees and asked if there were any other baseball players who didn’t like Babe Ruth. Each time Christian pointed to the same stocky guy with dimples in every photo. 11

Cathy didn’t know who this player was so she Googled “1927 Yankees dimples” and found that the man in the picture was of Lou Gehrig. Christian was three years old and two months at the time of these identifications. Cathy noted Christian has the same dimples in the very same places as Lou Gehrig did.

Cathy then showed Christian a photo of who she thought was Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig with their arms around each other. Christian studied the photo and said, “That’s not dumb Babe Ruth. That’s the coach.” In looking at the fine print under the photo Kathy realized the Christian was right. The man next to Babe Ruth was Joe McCarthy, the coach. Keep in mind this occurred before Christian knew how to read. 12

Past Life Emotions: Cathy learns why Lou Gehrig disliked Babe Ruth

Cathy gained insight on why Lou Gehrig had a grudge against Babe Ruth. She found learned that Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth were best of friends until they had a major falling out. Though they both played on the New York Yankees, the two men did not acknowledge each other for seven years, until July 4, 1939, when Lou Gehrig announced his retirement from baseball due to ALS.

Cathy found that Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig had been best of friends since 1925, but vowed never to speak again after an incident that occurred between Lou’s mother, Christina Gehrig, and Babe in 1932. Christina had become a surrogate mother to Babe Ruth who had been raised in an orphanage and did not have a mother of his own. By 1927 Babe Ruth became a fixture at the Garrick home, where Lou still lived with his parents. Babe remarried it 1929 and began leaving his 11-year-old daughter from a previous marriage in the care of Christina Gehrig while he and his new wife, Claire, traveled. When Christina told Babe and Claire she felt they were neglecting his daughter, it was the end of the relationship between Babe Ruth and the Gehrig family. Legend has it that the two men never acknowledged each other from that day forward starting in 1932. 13

Further, Cathy learned that Lou Garrick had a squeaky-clean reputation, while Babe Ruth was known for excessive drinking and womanizing. 14

Christian identifies his mother Cathy as his Past Life Mother, Christina Gehrig

When Cathy showed images of Lou Gehrig’s parents, she was in for a big surprise. After Christian confirmed that the names of Lou’s parents were Henry and Christina he referred to Christina and said, “Mommy, you were her.” 15

Reincarnation research does show that people do plan lifetimes to be reunited with individuals they have known and loved before. In this light, please review: Ian Stevenson’s Twin Study

After Christian claimed that his mother Cathy, was also Lou Gehrig’s mother, Christiana, Cathy decided to explore this possibility. She went for three past life regressions sessions and in her assessment, she tapped into the lifetime of Christina Gehrig in each of the three sessions. Cathy describes how in her regressions, she learned details of the life of Christina Gehrig which she did not learn by normal means. She later verified these details through extensive research.

Cathy strongly relates to Lou Gehrig’s mother and she even told Christian that she believes she is indeed his mother from a past life, Christiana Gehrig.

Synchronistic events and a “Wink” from the Universe

In reincarnation cases, anniversary phenomenon and synchronistic events are often observed, as described in Principles of Reincarnation. These occurrences can be seen as being orchestrated by spirit guides or one’s own soul.

Such events occurred when Cathy and Christian took a trip to the East Coast to visit Lou Gehrig’s home and other related sites in New York.  For their return, they had reservations to fly from Albany, New York to Los Angeles via Charlotte, North Carolina. When she learned that the Charlotte flight had been cancelled, on a whim, Cathy decided to take a flight to Tampa Bay, Florida and then connect to Los Angeles the following morning.

It turned out that the Yankees were playing the Tampa Bay Rays that weekend and Cathy decided to delay their return home by another day and attend the game.

Prior to the game, Christian asked God to let him meet Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays. At the game, they learned that a large framed autographed photo of Lou Gehrig was being raffled off. Cathy bought a ticket for the raffle.

Then, prior to the game, a video was shown of Lou Gehrig giving his “Luckiest Man Alive” speech when he announced his retirement due to ALS. In turned out that Cathy and Christian had walked into a pregame presentation honoring Lou Gehrig for ALS Awareness Day. Cathy reflected on the odds:

“Here we were, in a city that we were not supposed to be in, preparing to see a Yankees game, and a video of Lou Gehrig was playing on the big screen.” 16

Cathy then related that when the pregame ceremony concluded, she and Christian walked down to the dugout to get a closer view of the players as they were warming up on the field. Then, out of nowhere, a man came up who introduced himself to Christian. It was Evan Longoria.

To cap it all off, Cathy and Christian ended up winning the framed photo of Lou Gehrig. Cathy called these synchronistic events “a wink from the universe” and validation that she was on the right path.  17

Rather than just coincidence, as mentioned, I believe these events are coordinated by spirit beings, spirit guides or our own souls, to indeed communicate that we are on track in investigating reincarnation cases.

Principles of Reincarnation and Understanding Past Lives

Physical Resemblances:  Cathy notes “uncanny” physical similarities between Christian and Lou Gehrig. In both faces, there are prominent dimples with the one on the left being distinctly deeper than the one on the right. Christian is left handed, as was Lou.  It will be interesting to observe how Christian’s facial features develop over time, to see if a resemblance in facial features persists.

In the James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger case, we have images over four stages of life showing similarity of facial features over time. To view these images, go to: James Leininger Case

Past Life Talent and Behavior: Christian Haupt demonstrates Lou Gehrig’s obsession with baseball, as well as his talent. It was said that Lou Gehrig would rather play baseball than eat, a trait Cathy says her son Christian shares. 18

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation: If these reincarnation cases are accepted, then the mother of Lou Gehrig, Christian, was reunited with her son Lou through the personas of Cathy Byrd and her son, Christian.

Spirit Beings in Reincarnation Cases: It is likely that spirit guides or Christian’s own soul orchestrated the synchronistic events at the Yankee game in Tampa Bay, which Cathy interpreted as a wink and validation from the universe that they were on the right track in terms of Christian being the reincarnation of Lou Gehrig. These types of events are common in reincarnation cases.

Of interest, Jack Canfield has endorsed Cathy’s book, The Boy Who Knew Too Much.  View: Reincarnation Case of Horatio Alger | Jack Canfield


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