Literature Reincarnation Cases-List of Additional Past Life Cases


The Following Past Life Cases have been Affirmed in Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Research Sessions:


Charles Dickens | J. K. Rowling-from Born Again, International Edition

Henry James, Jr. | James Driscoll-from Return of the Revolutionaries

Nikos Kazanzakis | Frank Zapparallis

John Milton | Norman Mailer

Carson McCullers | Suzanne Nadine Vega

Herman Melville | David Payne

John Milton | Norman Mailer

Pauline Pfieffer | Chase Twichell

Francois Rabelius | Michael Crichton-from Born Again, International Edition

William Shakespeare | Mary Shelley

William Shakespeare | August Wilson-from Born Again, International Edition

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien | Christopher Paolini

Walt Whitman | Ram Das (Richard Alpert)

Also see Independent Case Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen-from Born Again, International Edition