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instrumental transcommunication

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), Raudive Voices, Reincarnation, Levels of the Spirit World: An Understanding of Heaven and Hell. The Value and Purpose of Religion

Instumental transcommunication involves communication between spirit beings and human begins via devices such as telephones and televisions. Such communications have given insight into levels of the spiritual world corresponding to concepts such as heaven and hell. Religions have served a great purpose in providing moral guidelines to help individuals ascend to higher spiritual levels. Evidence of reincarnation shows that souls can change religion from one lifetime to another, which will help eliminate the divide between people of differing beliefs and help create a more peaceful world.


Ghost or Spirit Photographs & Reincarnation: The Soul Provides a Template that Influences Physical Appearance

A Minnesota State Trooper took photos at a fatal accident scene which unexpectedly showed an image of a ghost rising above the scene with a very animated facial expression, which could not have been maintained in death. The spirit facial image is the same as the facial features of the deceased boy. This observation supports that there is an energy template that is a basis for physical appearance in reincarnation cases.