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5 Past Life Scar or Reincarnation Birthmark-Titu Singh

Birthmarks in Reincarnation Cases-Introduction

Traumatic wounds in one lifetime can result in scars in the same location in a subsequent lifetime.

Reincarnation Japanese Soldier, Gender Identity Issues, P 38

Japanese Soldier Reincarnates as a Woman and Becomes a Lesbian, Understanding Homosexuality & Gender Identity Issues through Reincarnation; Sasha Fleishman

The retention of the mindset of the gender of a prior incarnation is demonstrated in this childhood memory reincarnation case researched by Ian Stevenson, MD. A WW II Japanese soldier in occupied Burma was killed in a strafing run and reincarnated as a Burmese woman, showing how a persecutor can return to life as the persecuted, demonstrating the futility of war.

Eli Lasch Portrait Reincarnation Case Evidence

Reincarnation Case of an Israeli Child who Recalled Being Killed with an Axe & Identifies his Past Life Murderer, Who Confesses

A Druse Boy is born with a past life birthmark, remembers being killed by an ax blow to the head. Investigated by Eli Lasch, MD, a prominent physician in Israel this case was judged anecdotal due to lack of evidential details.

Islam reincarnation past lives cresent moon

Islam Reincarnation Case of Oma Devi | Nagina: Past Life Case involving Suicide, Religion Change & Renewed Relationships

Oma Devi committed suicide reincarnated in a little over 3 years after her death, demonstrating that suicide does not end the evolution of the soul. Oma Devi was Hindu, but reborn into a Sunni Muslim family.


Reincarnation Case of Hardevbaksh Singh | Nasruddin Shah: Change of Religion from Hindu to Muslim in a Past Life Case

Hardevbaksh, a Hindu, Reincarnates as a Muslim in Nasruddin. Still Nasruddin identified with the Hindu faith and his past life caste as a Thakur and often this causes conflicts with beliefs of his present lifetime Muslim family.


Muslim Reincarnation Case of Mushir Ali | Naresh Kumar: A Past Life Case with Change in Religion from Islamic to Hindu

Naresh Kumar, a Hindu was reunited with his past life family, the Muslim family of Haider Ali, who accepted Naresh as the reincarnation of their deceased son,

5 Reincarnation Suicide Case A Blazing Fire

Reincarnation Case of Mithilesh Singh | Rajani Singh Past Life Case Involving Suicide, Same Family Incarnation, Reincarnation Birthmarks & Physical Resemblance

A new life reclaimed after a death by suicide of Mithilesh Singh who reincarnated in the same family as Rajani observed to exhibit the same behavior as Mithilesh. A noticeable physical resemblance and demonstrations of similar phobias between the two were also noted.


The Reincarnation Case of a Nazi Bomber Pilot | Carl Edon

A Christian Father’s investigation into his son’s reincarnation stories of being a Nazi pilot in the Second World War named Robert. Carl Edon the reincarnation has very typical German features vastly in contrast to his whole family, Robert was a German and Carl Edon was British.

Reincarnation Birthmarks & Past Life Scars Provide Evidence of Reincarnation

Reincarnation Case of Suresh Verma | Titu Singh & Video

A child reincarnation story case of Dr. Ian Stevenson MD. with reincarnation birthmarks and physical resemblance. This is the story of the child Sureh Verma who reincarnated as Titu Singh who has the birthmark on the spot of his past life’s injury which had cut short his young life.