Satyen Yadav: A Leader in the Providing Food to Humanity and a Promoter of Peace through Reincarnation Research

Dr. Yadav has a PhD in Botany, a Masters degrees in Botany and a Masters degree in Plant Physiology. He is a distinguished scientist and a highly accomplished leader in the field of agribusiness.

Currently, Dr. Yadav holds the following positions:

  • President of the Horticulture Produce Management Institute (HPMI)
  • Chairman, Center for Agribusiness & Disaster Management, a Joint Venture with Shobhit University, Meerut
  • Director, Ginkgo International Pty Ltd (SA)
  • Director, Ginkgo Agribusiness Ltd (SA)
  • Director, WAVE Agro Products Pvt Ltd
  • Advisor, Ginkgo Agri (Malaysia) SDNBHD

Helping Humanity through Agriculture and Reincarnation Research

Dr. Yadav has written numerous research papers and has delivered approximately 200 lectures at national and international agribusiness conferences.

Dr. Yadav is passionate about reincarnation research. He understands that evidence of reincarnation can transform the world in a positive way, as this research shows that religion, nationality and ethnic affiliation can change from one lifetime to another. Most wars and conflicts are based on differences in these cultural markers of identity. Dr. Yadav has personally gifted hundreds of copies of Born Again, written by Walter Semkiw, MD, to influential persons in India.