Roland Kiprowski-Reincarnation Research Board: Germany

Reincarnation International BoardrowskiRoland Kiprowski, born 1963, has been concerned with reincarnation and past lives for 25 years. For 20 years, he has worked as a professional past life coach, trained by Ingrid Vallières, an internationally known past life regression therapist. As a past life coach, he has had experience with a wide range of extraordinary reincarnation cases. He sees his past life work as a tool for the development of human potential.

Probleme-Nein Danke!

Roland has co-authored the German book, Problems-No Thanks, with Ingrid Vallières, which deals with human potential coaching.

A primary interest of his in relation to reincarnation is establishing past life matches which help identify karmic issues behind political and social trends. Visit his website through the link provided below:

Roland Kiprowski