Mary Fong, PhD-Spiritual Communication and University Liaison

mary-fong-csu-professor-iisis-reincarnation-research-boardMary Fong is a professor of Communication Studies at California State University, San Bernardino. Her teaching and research interests are in Cultural and Intercultural Communication, Ethnography of Communication, Instructional Communication and Language & Social Interaction. Mary’s primary research interests include the communication patterns of the Chinese (from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, and U.S.) in cultural and intercultural interactions.

Mary also is interested in and teaches a course on Spiritual Communication. Scientific research conducted by Gary Schwartz, PhD at the University of Arizona has demonstrated that Spiritual Communication is a valid phenomenon.

She has been recognized for her three research presentations on Top Paper panels in the Language and Social Interaction Division and the Intercultural and International Division at the National Communication Association (NCA) and Western States Communication Association (WSCA) conventions. She is the former chair of the Asian Pacific American Communication Division (APAC) affiliated with NCA and also has chaired the APAC Caucus of NCA. In addition, she is the Past President of the Association for Chinese Communication Studies of NCA. She also chaired the Spiritual Communication Division of NCA (2016). At CSUSB, she has served as Ethnic Studies Coordinator (2003-06) and Teaching Associate Coordinator (2002-07). She has been a recipient of the University Diversity award and the university-wide Outstanding Adviser award.

She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California, Master’s degree at Long Beach State University and her PhD at the University of Washington.

Mary has co-edited and co-authored a textbook, Communicating Ethnic and Cultural Identity. Articles she has written have been published in the Howard Journal of Communication, Journal of Pragmatics, Intercultural Communication Studies, Intercultural Communication: A Reader, Our Voices, Intercultural Encounters, China Media Research, New Directions In Teaching and Learning, and others.

Mary has recently published her memoir, Two Heart Nuts to Crack! (2019, 2022)which is the first book of her trilogy entitled, A Magnificent Mess!  and her second memoir, A Beautiful Blueprint (2020, 2022).  Her first memoir covers her cultural, intercultural and spiritual experiences in the first 27 years of her life. Her second memoir covers the afterlife and the plandemic.  Take a look inside of her memoir on Amazon: