Felix Lee Lerma-ReincarnationResearch.com Board Member: Spiritual Communication

Reincarnation Case Felix Lee Lerma - Psychic Medium ImageFelix Lee Lerma is a compassionate and genuine Psychic Medium living in San Francisco. In March of 2002, in New York City, an Internationally Acclaimed Psychic Medium confirmed what Felix always knew: That he is psychic and has the ability to communicate with those who have passed.

Felix believes that everyone is born psychic. Since the early age of 12, studying metaphysics helped him to develop and understand the importance of using his gift to help others. Felix is dedicated to helping others to develop their own gifts, discover their spiritual path, understand their life issues, and providing evidence that we never truly die. The spirit world is where we all came from, and is where we will all return again. He believes that we are all here to fulfill a spiritual contract that we made before we came.

In September of 2003, Felix was invited to be a guest for a talk show in Times Square. He gave impromptu readings for the crowds who were amazed with his compassionate guidance and accuracy.

He has read for thousands of people from all walks of life. Over the last few years, while visiting the Spiritualist community of Lily Dale, New York, he has participated as a guest medium in the public message service at the inspiration stump. In August 2006, in NYC, Felix joined Psychic to the stars of over 30 years and author Terry Iacuzzo for a special workshop entitled, “Unfolding Your Spiritual Gifts.” Click here to read what attendees had to say

Website: www.felixleelerma.com