Nu Shwe Prue-Reincarnation Research Board: Bangladesh

Nue Shwe Prue International BoardNu Shwe Prue is the Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation of Integrated Development Alliance (FIDA), which is located in the Bandarban Hill District in Bangladesh. FIDA is registered with the Social Welfare Department of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The mission of FIDA is to help marginalized indigenous people of Bandarban develop and integrate into modern society, while also preserving their culture.

In his career, Nu Shwe Prue has served in the Bandarban Hill District Council (BHDC) and as a cultural coordinator of International Religious Youth Service (RYS) projects in the South Asia Region. He holds memberships of many international, national and local voluntary organizations dealing with indigenous people’s rights and development, human rights and inter-religious understanding. He has served as President of the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission (BHRC).

Nu Shwe Prue is the Founder of & Chief Patron of the Long Bain Tong Para Buddha Bihar (Buddhist Monastery) in the Bandarban Hill District, Bangladesh. He has a diploma in Buddha Dhamma from International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University (I.T.B.M.U.), Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

Given his passion for humanitarian and spiritual causes, Nu Shwe Prue strongly supports the positive transformative effects that evidence of reincarnation can have on society.