Azard Uduman, PhD-Reincarnation Research Board: Sri Lanka

Azard Uduman Reincarnation ResearchPast Life Regression in Sri Lanka

Dr. Uduman, born Mohamed Azard Sharaf Uduman, is a native citizen of Sri Lanka. Working his way through school, Dr. Uduman attained a Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology. He also is a passionate educator who has founded a network of schools in Sri Lanka. Through his schools, he derives great satisfaction from bettering the lives of his students and their parents.

In addition, Dr. Uduman is a clinical hypnotist who conducts past life regression therapy and life-between-life regressions.

Dr. Uduman has been a strong supporter of reincarnation research. He is pictured on the right speaking on reincarnation research and Dr. Uduman has helped promote Born Again and Origin of the Soul, written by Walter Semkiw, MD, in Sri Lanka.

To arrange a past life regression in Sri Lanka, please contact Dr. Uduman at: