Ashok Kumar Sharma: Asia-Pacific and International Development

Reincarnation Research Ashok KumarDr. Sharma is a multiple national awards winning PR strategist, social media trainer and visiting faculty to several accredited national universities and institutions, including the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). He is also a best-selling and award-winning author, who is based Lucknow, India.

In over 32 years of professional service, Dr. Sharma has attained progressively responsible experience in governmental, administrative, legislative and political lobbying. He has worked for various Governors and Chief Ministers of the biggest democratic state of world, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Dr. Sharma is very interested in the paranormal and has authored eight very popular books on the subject. He himself has had psychic and intuitive experiences, as well as past life flashbacks. Dr. Sharma is currently translating Born Again into Hindi for publication in India.

Awards he has been given include:

1. Most Original Book on Health Subject, Government of India 1993 for World Famous Systems of Medicines & Therapies, (Pustak Mahal).

2. Pandit GB Pant National Award, Government of India in 1998-99 for ISI: The Dreaded Intelligence Agency of Pakistan (Tulsi Publications).

3. National Leadership Excellence Award, Public Relations Society of India, 2010 for Outstanding Contribution in the field of Public Relations.

4. Indian Languages Newspaper Award, 2013 for authoring the best selling book on media, Adhunik Patrakarita: Chunautiyan aur Sambhavnayein.

Dr. Sharma will be helping increase its presence in India and especially throughout Asia, via web site content and translation, voluntarily, without financial compensation.