Past Life Regression & Who was I in My Past Life or Lives?

Article by Walter Semkiw, MD

How to Find a Past Life Identity

Of all the E-mail messages that I field through the Reincarnation Research website, the question most frequently posed is: “Who was I in a past life?”

For those who do not have spontaneous memories of past lives, there are basically two ways to learn of past lifetimes. One is by undergoing a past life regression and the second is to consult with a psychic or a medium who has the ability to identify past lives of clients. Let me explain the advantages and pitfalls of each of these two methods.

pastliferegressionIISISreincarnationcasesevidencePast Life Regression

In a past life regression, a regression facilitator or therapist takes a client through a guided visualization in the hope that in a relaxed, meditative state, the client will recovery past life experiences. The client sits in a comfortable chair and is advised to close their eyes.

Often the suggetion is made by the facilitator that the client cross a bridge or go into an elevator. On the other side of the bridge or on the floor the elevator opens, a past life scene may be experienced.

IISISReincarnationResearchPastLifeRegressionBridgePast life memories are often visual, consisting of past life scenes. Facts such as specific names, geographic locations and dates, which would allow the client to research and try to validate the past life experience, are harder to access through regression. The advantage of a past life regression is that if it is successful, the client can have a vivid and personal experience of a past incarnation. Past life regression, by the way, is considered a form of hypnosis.

On the other hand, false information can be obtained through past life regression and in fact, Ian Stevenson, MD had the opinion that regression was not a useful tool for reincarnation research. The reason is that it is very easy for the individual undergoing regression to fabricate memories. As the job of the past life regression therapist or facilitator is to help coax past life memories from the client, the client can feel pressured or obliged to report past life memories. If spontaneous memories do not arise, at times, fabricated memories are provided in order to make the session feel successful to both the client and the therapist.

In my opinion, past life identities garnered from past life regression should meet criteria that are outlined in: Principles of Reincarnation

Reincarnation Cases Solved though Past Life Regression

Though Ian Stevenson, MD was skeptical regarding past life regression, there are very strong reincarnation cases derived through regressions. One such case involves Police Captain Robert Snow, who was featured on Katie Couric’s TV show in September 2013. His reincarnation case provides evidence that past lives can indeed be accessed through past life regression. This case be reviewed at:

Robert Snow past life regression reincarnatoin case The Reincarnation Case of Carroll Beckwith | Robert Snow

Past Life Regression Video

In my opinion, the best description of what it is like to undergo a past life regression is found in a video of Robert Snow telling his story. To view, go to:

Police Captain Robert Snow’s Past Life Regression Experience Video

Xenoglossy Reincarnation Cases Solved through Hypnosis or Meditation

Xenoglossy is the ability to speak a language that was not learned in the contemporary lifetime. These cases are considered to provide strong evidence of reincarnation. Three Ian Stevenson xenoglossy cases derived through hypnosis or mediation, techniques which are related to past life regression, include:

Xenoglossy Reincarnation Case of Sharada | Uttara Huddar 

Xenoglossy Reincarnation Case of Jensen Jacoby | TE

Xenoglossy Reincarnation Case of Gretchen Gottlieb | Dolores Jay

Does the Past Life Regression Facilitator need to be a Licensed Mental Health Professional?

One other point of caution relates to the term “past life regression therapist,” as most individuals who conduct regressions are not licensed mental health professions. The vast majority are lay people who may or may not have training in psychology, but who have a keen interest in reincarnation and the desire to be of service.

This is not an issue if the client is emotionally stable and goes for the regression out of a curiosity regarding past lives. On the other hand, individuals who do have emotional or psychiatric problems should only go to a past life regression faciltator who is also a licensed mental health professional. For a worldwide directory of past life regression facilitators, go to:

Past Life Regression Therapist and Provider Directory

Past Life Information from Psychics or Mediums-John Edward

john edward medium crossing over IISIS Reincarnation CaseAnother way to learn about past lives is to go to a clairvoyant, someone who has the ability to access information through extrasensory means. Let us define a psychic as an individual who can access information directly, while a medium is someone who works with a group of spirit beings who gather information for the medium. These spirit beings then telepathically send this information to the medium, who then passes it on to the client. A famous medium who works in manner way, pictured to the right, is: John Edward, of the TV show Crossing Over

I do believe that some psychics and mediums do have the talent to make accurate past life identifications, but the problem is that unless an individual has extensive experience with a particular psychic or medium, so that they have the opportunity to assess the accuracy of this individual over time, it is difficult to know whether information provided is valid.

Past Life Landmark Associations

An issue that can arise is that a psychic or medium may falsely inform the client that they were a famous personality in a past incarnation. This does not always occur because the psychic or medium is consciously trying to mislead the client. Many times this occurs because of what I call “landmark associations,” where the famous individual serves as a landmark for the client’s incarnation. For example, rather than being Cleopatra, the client may have been Cleopatra’s advisor or friend. This landmark association phenomenon can also occur with past life regressions.

The Research of Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, of the University of Arizona: HBO Experiments involving John Edward & Other Mediums

To learn more about assessing the accuracy of mediums and psychics, go to: The Afterlife Experiments of Gary E. Schwartz, PhD

Past Life Identity Information Derived through Kevin Ryerson & Ahtun Re

Kevin Ryerson, IISIS Reincarnation ResearchKevin-RyersonI can give a recommendation for one medium, Kevin Ryerson, pictured to the right, who I’ve worked with since 2001. Kevin is a trance medium, which means that he goes into a meditative state and allows spirit beings to use his body to communicate with human beings. The term “channeling” is often used to describe this phenomenon. Kevin is not conscious during this process and he does not remember what occurs during the trance channeling session.

Kevin channels a spirit guide named Ahtun Re and in my work with him, which now has spanned well over a decade, I have made the assessment that Ahtun Re can make past life matches with a high degree of accuracy. At times, Ahtun Re can give specific past life names, dates and locations, which allows the client to factually validate the past lifetime. In other cases, Ahtun Re can identify an individual’s past life era, geographic location, occupation, important past life relationships and other personal details which can allow the client to research potential candidates for the identified past lifetime.

Follow-up sessions with Kevin and Ahtun Re can lead to validation of past life candidates or clarification of where else to look. Please let me share that I get no financial remuneration, or payback, for referrals to Kevin, nor do I get a discount regarding my own sessions with Kevin. As mentioned before, identifed past life cases should meet criteria found in: Principles of Reincarnation

Cases that Demonstrate Ahtun Re’s Accuracy in making Past Life Identifications

Under the Celebrity Reincarnation Cases category, my work with Kevin and Ahtun Re is described further. A set of Core Cases solved through Ahtun Re has been assembled which are particularly impressive. These include:

Past Life for Ralph Nader

Past Life for Michael Jackson

Contemporary Lives for the Comedy Team Laurel & Hardy

Kevin does all sessions via telephone, which are as good as in person. He calls these Tele-Readings and they can be arranged for through is web site.

Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of Reincarnation

Once I came to the conclusion that Ahtun Re is truly an extremely intelligent spirit being separate from Kevin Ryerson, I decided to ask him big questions regarding reincarnation and the the purpose of life. My dialogues with Ahtun Re are featured in my book:

Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of Reincarnation

Celebrity Reincarnation Cases

At this point, let me explain that I have done a great deal of work with Kevin and Ahtun Re on celebrity reincarnation cases because we live in a celebrity driven culture and I believe these types of cases will draw interest. My primary motivation in using celebrity cases is to bring attention to independently researched reincarnation cases and in particular, the work of Ian Stevenson and his study of children with spontaneous past life memories that have been factually validated. In my opinion, Dr. Stevenson’s reincarnation cases, in aggregate, provide evidence and proof of reincarnation.

Ryerson-Semkiw Celebrity Reincarnation Cases

earth-from-spaceReincarnation Research Can Make the World More Peaceful and Tolerant

A primary reason why I want to draw attention to reincarnation research is because it shows that we can change religion, nationality, gender, race and ethnic affiliation from one lifetime to another. A link to these types of cases is provided below. This observation can help make the world a more peaceful place, as wars are usually based on differences in these cultural markers of identity. A particularly important past life case in this regard is the: Reincarnation Case of Anne Frank | Barbro

Reincarnation Cases with Change in Religion, Nationality, Race and Ethnicity

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