Reincarnation Research Updates and Annoucements

Meaning of Life by Walter Semkiw, MD IISIS Reincarnation Case StudyPost by: Walter Semkiw, MD

Thank you very much for your interest in reincarnation research, evidence of reincarnation, spirit communication and soul evolution. We have discontinued sending out newsletters. Instead, we are announcing new reincarnation cases and articles on our Facebook page. Please use the link provided below to Like and Follow our page to receive updates.

Reincarnation Research Facebook Page 

For those who prefer not to use Facebook, you can see new cases by simply checking our home page periodically. Under the heading, “Featured Cases,” there are two windows on the homepage that feature newly added articles. I am constantly placing new reincarnation cases and other articles on our website, so if you check our homepage every two weeks or so, you will see the new posts. Home Page

Thank you! Walter