Henry Bieryla

Reincarnation Case Study Henry BierylaBorn and raised in Northeastern, Pennsylvania, Henry holds degrees in marketing, finance and graphic arts from Pennsylvania State University. He has held marketing, sales and executive management positions with Ingersoll-Rand, ADP, GMAC, Moreland Financial Corporation and was the President of Concept 2000 Home Builders, Inc.

Henry is an expert on Edgar Cayce Readings [edgarcayce.org] and the work of the Association of Research and Enlightenment [edgarcayce.org], located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Edgar Cayce was a trance medium, the Father of Holistic Healing and the most documented mystic, clairvoyant and psychic in modern times. Much like our Board Adviser Kevin Ryerson [reincarnationresearch.com], and he helped bring the concept of reincarnation into the consciousness of seekers in the United States.

Henry has completed over 300 lectures on the Cayce material over the past 25 years and he is now conducting presentations on objective evidence of reincarnation derived though the work of Ian Stevenson, MD [reincarnationresearch.com] of the University of Virginia, as well as independently researched cases found on the ReincarnationResearch.com web site.

Inquiries on his work can be directed to Henry at hgb1226@comcast.net