Gaurav Rekhi-Secretary, Reincarnation Research Web Site Development and Social Media

Image of Gaurav Rekhi, IISIS Board MemberI have held product and marketing leadership positions in both early stage and Fortune 100 technology companies. An entrepreneur by heart, I have been involved in several companies that include Social Piggy Bank (founder and CEO), WineGlobe (founder & board member), Vianeta Communications (company sold), and Ibiza (founder and CEO).

I live in the Bay Area and love spending time with my family. I met Walter Semkiw shortly after my 6-year old daughter passed away because of a tragic accident and I found his mission to be very authentic. After reading through several books and cases, my belief in reincarnation solidified and I reached out to Walter to figure out ways I can contribute my time to help build awareness for reincarnation research. If you are in the field and would like to contribute, please reach out. Write to: